The answer is: NO

The question is: What should congresscritters do when a massive bill is shoved under their noses with no time to review.

A friendly word of advice for the soon to be freshman class of Congress…and all the other members as well, I suppose.

I was reading this self pitying article in WSJ Online about a one term Democrat representative (Oh so true.  He represented the Democrats in Washington, DC more than Washington state) and how he was forced, FORCED to vote for massive bills with no time to review.

Ya’ know, one of the goals of the US Constitution is to ensure mature representation.  That was the reason for age limits for offices.  The Country needs a D.A.R.E. program for congresscritters to teach them that their first reaction to any bill should be, “Just say NO.” until there is a compelling case for its passage.  Pressure from your political overlords in the Party doesn’t qualify.  In fact the more pressure applied, the more emphatic the NO should be.  Because it is never the job of congresscritters to represent their party overlords.  And that’s how you keep the overlords from becoming overlords.


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