Next step

Tea Party outside the offices of the 22 Democratic Senators due up in 2012 like it’s 1773.

Obama is an albatross still.  He will double down on stupid and will somehow manage to become even more radioactive.  A radioactive albatross.    Obama is pathologically incapable of magnanimity, compromise or any other form of ‘getting along’.  In his typical juvenile way, he will call for the end of partisanship and the beginning of compromise…punctuated by insulting all Republicans who do not serve Him as their master.  He isn’t Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan or even George W Bush.  His approval ratings will continue to drop.  He is the worst president ever and few of these…what should we call them?…Grape* Democrats?…will be looking to him for salvation in two years.

The tidal wave that swept Congress is underpinned by the earthquake that occurred in the many state houses.  The Grape Democrats need to be shown that the only way to get the Tea Partiers off their doorsteps is to become good fiscal conservatives.  Middle of the road Democrats have always been squishier than RINOs because they have constituents who really want them to stop spending money insanely.  So a small Democratic majority is always more subject to influence by the minority than a similar small Republican majority.  A large Republican minority can still equal a fiscally sane majority.

* In combat aircraft parlance, while most attackers are racing in low and fast, the guy who goes in high to decoy the air defenses is the grape because he’s there to get picked off.  The ’12 Democratic senators are there to get picked off.


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