Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is where the colonials finally stood up to the power of the British Empire.

The makings of an open revolt by the plebeians against the Federal Empire is developing in the airports of America.  It didn’t take a great deal of imagination to see it come to this.  Every step up of airline security always generated the usual complaints of, “What are they going to do next? Strip search everyone getting on an airplane?”  In a word, yes.  Why the sexually abusive Opt-Out inspections?  Punishment for not complying with the strip search.  In a police state, the police can do ANYTHING.  And the only behavior that is not overtly punished (except of course, the punishment for breathing their air) is obedience.  You, dear reader, do know that at least one terrorist in Saudi Arabia tried to kill a prince with a Butt Bomb inserted where the sun don’t shine.  So how hard is it to imagine the prying hands of the TSA making everyone bend over and spread’m before getting to fly?  Hmmm?  Just imagine how much they will get to poke and prod to see what body part is real or not.

Oh, yeah.  Before we get much further, somebody needs to send me a comment insisting that, “Oh, no.  They would never do that.”

Unlike so many other myriad areas of life where the Federal Empire and other abusive governments have eroded the freedom of the people, this abuse of the airline industry hits an area that is organized enough to resist effectively.

I’m speaking of course, of a general airline strike.

Any of the major airline unions, pilots or flight attendants, could shut down the airline industry.  It would put another wrench in the weak economy the Democrats have given us, but it’s probably better than gunfire in the streets.

It would be nice for them to (and easy for me to say) hold out for: 1) the disestablishment of the TSA, 2) firing of Janet Napolitano, 3) restoration of some pitiful remnant of the 4th Amendment expectations of protection against unreasonable search and seizure.  However, it would probably be sufficient to have the strip searches and sexual predation by the TSA ended.  After all, the victory at Yorktown didn’t occur until six years after Bunker Hill.



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