Honor among thieves

Via Ace, the ‘right honorable’ Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat Representative from Missouri provided the following ‘advice’ to Missouri’s Sen. Clare McCaskill:

Any attempt to extricate herself from him will be an act of disloyalty,”

Aside from the visual of her ‘extricating herself from him’ what can we draw from this?  Apparently Cleaver truly thinks that McCaskill actually owes an oath of fealty to the President.  Despite the fact that she has never taken one.  despite the fact that she specifically took an oath to “…defend the Constitution of the United States…”  not the office of the President or the person of the president.  Despite the fact that she was elected by the people of Missouri to represent the People of Missouri, not the President or the Democratic Party, or the political overlord class.

That the racist demagogue Cleaver doesn’t understand or chooses to be willfully ignorant of this doesn’t surprise me at all.  But I suspect that Clare is more interested in her own political ambitions (staying in office) than serving Obama or Cleaver…and she will give his words all the respect they deserve. <sound of toilet flushing>


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