Barbarians at the (security) Gate

One of the reasons that Rome fell under the sword of the “barbarians” was that many citizens of Rome were in fact more appalled at the barbarism of “civilized” Rome than of the “barbarians”.  The so called “barbarians” themselves were appalled at the Romans idea of fun, aka the gladiatorial games and the blood lust of the Arena.  The games were stopped by the conquerors, blood soaked combat veterans all as soon as they passed through the gates.

Is there really no price to high for “safety”.  Guess that requires a definition of safety.  Safety from being killed in flight from a risk that is infinitesimally smaller than chances of being killed driving to and from the flight?  Or safety from being publicly sexually molested  and humiliated by the “civilization’s” protectors as yet another act of security theater?  I may have to take a trip soon.  Should I be hoping for the sound of barbarians at the gate to save me from the government’s definition of civilized behavior?

Those who give up freedom for security will have neither.


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