I’ve been voting for Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars.

I don’t worry about other contestants being booted before her.  Since about week three the winner on technical merit has been obvious (Jennifer Grey).  All of them were going to go down eventually anyway.  If the competition was really only about technical merit, they would only use the judges scores.  Open the phone lines to the general public and mayhem may ensue.

I’m actually feeling a bit sorry for Bristol in this.  I’m sure her going in position was to not be eliminated in the first week.  And now she’s been dragged all the way through Public Performance Boot Camp.  There are people who resent her persevering, saying she’s only getting votes because of her mother.  Duh!  She’s only on the show because she is her mother’s daughter so suck it up, skippy.

My rational justification for voting for her is that she is the only contestant who wasn’t a professional performer, or even a professional dancer, before the first night and her improvement is clear.  I guarantee that she’s doing better than I could.  Again, if it was strictly about technical merit, then only the judges score would matter and the answer would be clear.  I’m giving her credit for sticking in there.

Also I vote for her because I like to see the anti-Palin people’s heads explode.


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  1. 204 on

    Who is he? Kyle?

  2. way2opinionated on

    Spelling corrected. It’s what I get for posting in the morning before work.

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