Time to make TSA go away

TSA:  Touched Sufficiently Already

The problem that caused 9/11 wasn’t the absence of crotch groping.  First, the box cutters the terrorists used were allowed by the FAA.  Second, the federal government’s position was that in the event of a hijacking, the passengers and crew were suppose to cooperate with the hijackers to allow “professional negotiators” to convince the hijackers to surrender.  This of course was years after the terrorists had been prevented from flying an Air France airliner into the Eiffel Tower. (The pilot convinced the hijackers that they needed to land in Marseilles for fuel.  Once on the ground, the plane never moved again.  That was where the terrorists figured out that they need to be able to pilot the planes themselves)  So on three of the four 9/11 airliners the passengers and crew served their government approved roles as sheeple, passively flown to their deaths.  Only on Flight 93 did the passengers respond correctly (i.e. not the government approved way)  The shoe and crotch bombers were also defeated by passengers actively providing for their own defense.

So how stupid is the TSA?  A unit of soldiers returning from the Middle East on a charter flight stopped to let some of the soldiers off.  Before the flight could continue, the TSA made all of the remaining soldiers get off the plane and be inspected.  The TSA confiscated fingernail clippers.  But the soldiers were allowed to keep their rifles, pistols and squad machine guns.

The TSA isn’t about security.  It’s about power.  It’s about security theater so the government can pretend it is in control.  It’s about what the government can do to the people with absolute impunity in order to protect them from everything except the government itself.

Airlines, who provided security before 9/11, were conflicted between wanting to cater to passengers and protect them.  My thought was that airport security should be provided by local police forces.  If a city wants airline service, they need to provide security.

But the federal government has proven it is incapable of complying with basic human decency standards.  Orlando has already announced that they are getting rid of TSA because nothing says Magic Kingdom like kids getting sexually molested by strangers.

It was a mistake to create the TSA.  But fortunately, it is a mistake that can easily be remedied.


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