TSA and the Nuremburg Trials

The sob story of the day is that the TSA agents with their hands up your ass are suffering soooooo badly due to the derision they are taking from the people they are molesting.  Poor babies.  They go home crying.  Boo-hoo.

Perhaps it would help them feel better about themselves to know that the international legal standard from the trial of war criminals at Nuremburg is that a crime committed under orders is still a crime.  i.e. “The ordered me to do it” doesn’t cut it.

I stated before that the airline unions could stop this crap.  Shut down the airline industry until the strip searches, sexual assaults and all the other nonsense stops.  The other side of the coin is that the TSA rank and file could stop it.  Unless of course, they’re having too much fun.


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  1. wineand on

    If you don’t like it, don’t fly cupcake. Just go thru the scanners and don’t be so afraid that a picture of your tiny dink will get on the internet…

  2. way2opinionated on

    Mobility is the essence of liberty. That’s why leftists hate it so. This practice is not about safety. It is about power and the ability to make the serfs dance to their master’s bidding. Big Sis is now saying that Big Brother will be everywhere. You’ll be strip searched at bus stops, train stations, subway entrances, ferries. Will that make you feel safer? Your masters have attached devices to your car and want to attach devices to your cellphone so that they can control where you go and what you do while your going there. Does that make you feel safer? Look at the disaster your Masters have created with almost everything they touch. You’re going to let them command every aspect of your life?

    Those who give up essential liberties for security deserve neither liberty or security.

    If you turn your life over to others for protection, who will protect your from them?

    And just for fun.

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