No heads gonna explode.  Bristol didn’t win Dancing With The Stars.

My ranking:

Jennifer Grey – Best Dancer.  Destined to win since week three.

Kyle Massy – Biggest surprise.  Short, fat kid is not who you expect to be in the finals of a national dance competition.  If Bristol hadn’t been there, I would have voted for him.

Bristol Palin – Most improved.  She came from nothing.  No acting experience.  No dance experience.  No nothing.  Just sitting on the stage at the convention smiling when the camera swings by.  Yeah, there was that whole, “I voted for Bristol to see liberal heads explode” thing.  But she really did grow before our eyes.  Wonder what she’s going to do next?

Biggest winner?


Wanna bet the producers are staring at the calendar going, “So how long do we have to wait before we invite Willow?”


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