Do You Think You Have A Right To Breath?

The question being asked when people complain about the government’s abusive, invasive security screenings is, ‘If you don’t like it, don’t fly.  Do you think you have a right to fly?”

And my response is, “Do you think you have a right to breath?”

The leftist, “progressive” view point is that you only get to fly as a gift from the government, the Giver Of All Things.  It is not an infringement of your liberties for them to impose draconian security because you are free to not travel.  This is one of those deaths of a thousand cuts that lead down to, “Do you think you have a right to step outside your door?”  to avoid the security check points at every bus stop, rail station, ferry, and eventually, every street corner.  Big Sis, the Protector Of All Things, has already called for the first three.  I just added the last because it is the obvious next step.

One of my professors once said that the essence of liberty is mobility.  To move is to be free.  Don’t like what’s going on around you.  Move.  This was why the frontier was so important to the development of American culture.  Didn’t like your lot in life?  Move West.   This is what made the automobile so important to the liberation of the American society.  It provided the freedom for someone to go when and where they wanted.  And this is why the leftist “progressives” hate cars so.  They go to sleep at nigh terrified that somebody somewhere is going when and where they want.  This is why having the government punish people for flying is so satisfying to them.

But the thing about that death of a thousand cuts…is it doesn’t have to stop there.  Once the government can deny people the freedom of movement, the government owns them.  That’s what prisons do.

“Do you think you have a right to fly?”, to “Do you think you have a right to walk out your door?”, to “Do you think you have a right to breath?”  The lesson of every autocratic government ever in the history of the universe is once the government owns you, the answer is no.


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  1. CAPT Mike on

    Howdy J.,
    Whilew you are sadly probably wrong on the legal merits, you are surely correct. We need to elect folks that share our desire for limited gov’t.

    Know I’m a broken record on this, but it’s really true: if we want this crap to stop, then we need to:
    – stay mad. vote again in 2012. take a friend.

    Best Regards,

  2. way2opinionated on

    Before the 2010 election, we protested against the Democrats to stop them. Now we must demonstrate against the Republicans to direct them. Left to their own devices, they will turn into Democrats. It’s what power does to weak minds.

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