Democrats in Senate to bone investors again, complain about why they don’t invest

Commented to Globe-Democrat article on Senate votes on repealing Democratic tax increases “for the rich”:

The so called “failure of capitalism” is never the failure of capitalism. Capitalism is an economic model, not a governing philosophy. It is always the failure of government to maintain an environment conducive to capitalistic enterprise that causes the so called “failure of capitalism.” The government is responsible for providing national infrastructures, such as sound money and avenues of transportation, a sane and stable legal structure that protects private property and enforces contracts to provide an environment where people feel safe to make big long term investments.

The US Government has done none of those things for a long time. The Democrats are maliciously wrecking the dollar and threatening the run away growth of energy costs with their 35 year policy of National Energy Suicide. The current government has replaced the law of the land with rule by fiat, usually to the benefit of political cronies, that simply ignore existing law. And the “tax the rich” meme simply continues the socialistic “punish success and reward failure” that has failed to produce prosperity in every country in which it has ever been implemented.

The United States is sitting on more cash than has ever been sat on before. Companies and individuals are simply hoarding cash and refusing to invest because of “Regime Uncertainty”. They’re waiting to see what new ways the government will punish them if they should commit the crime of attempting to prosper. Signed contracts mean nothing when government can subvert them on a whim. Capital investments don’t happen where the government can and will arbitrarily confiscate property. The Fed’s printing of bogus money creates threats of inflation that make economic forecasts indistinguishable from fairy tales.

So yeah, let’s “Tax the Rich”. Let’s cut off our collective noses to spite the our faces in the name of class envy, hatred and warfare. Let’s drive yet another nail into the coffin of the American Economy. Keep up the good work.

That’ll learn’m, durn’m.


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