Dear Scorekeeper,

Don Surber complains about the proposal to to reduce the personal Social Security tax.  My comment below.

Social Security is a crime. Draining it dry is like lancing a boil. You have to get rid of the puss before it will start to heal. The end of Western Civilization will not be caused by famine, flood, plague of locusts, earthquake or Glowball Warning. Western civilization will end because of Social Security. It is in the process of bankrupting every country stupid enough to implement it.

It’s really profoundly simple. No one has a right to retire to a life of leisure at other unwilling victims’ expense. Taking care of the infirm for the end of their life is compassion. Letting people retire at a given age to polish their golf game and having them collect welfare stolen from workers for longer than they themselves worked is criminally stupid.

I have known for years that I will work until they carry me out feet first. There will be no Social Security for me. I’m just hoping there will be a country for my children.




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