Joyeux Noël

Looking through my WordPress dashboard, I noticed that somebody hit my old post about the 2009 Veterans Day Parade.  That got me thinking about a movie I saw about the same time, Joyeux Noël, which not only addresses the issue I discussed about respect between enemies but very much portrays the spirit of the season we’re in.  And it has BAGPIPES!

And not just playing in the background at some fireman’s funeral.  I mean right out front as a main character.  Braveheart didn’t have as much bagpipe as this movie.

Joyeux Noël is a historical fiction about the 1914 Christmas Truce in the trenches of France during WW I.  A spontaneous break out of hope, faith and charity in the middle of one of the worst hells ever created on Earth.  A victory of humanity in the face of inhumanity.

And it all came about because of BAGPIPES!


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