Same ol’ same ol’

My reader observed that I haven’t been posting much.  I have in fact been rather busy.  I have a grad school class that is burning lots of hours.  And of course all the cars are broke and the house is still falling apart.

But the other issue is that I could (and have) simply posted the same stuff I’ve written before because the situation for the last two years is unchanged.  The so-called ‘Progressives’ continue to try and establish a feudal ruling aristocracy in the United States led by the United State’s own version of the “Sun GodKing” Louis XIV and his queen, Michelle Antoinette*.

* Michelle Antoinette just flowed too smoothly to skip.  But actually, they are polar opposites.  Marie Antoinette would have let the peasants eat cake.  Michelle reaches down the peasants’ throats to pull the cake from their gullet because only political ruling aristocracy is entitled to choose their own menu.  The peasants only get what She says they can have.


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