I can mock them for you, Ann

Ann Althouse posts the clusterfark presidency’s latest clusterfark:

I find the toast-botch too painful to mock

Obama without a teleprompter is like a grade schooler addressing the class.  What a maroon.

Of course my contemptuous mockery isn’t just reserved for the Worst President Ever.


I remember how those pompous elitist socialist welfare state Europeans basically told us in the U.S. that we should vote for this over credentialed, under qualified, dilettante mush head.  I’m laughing at the “superior intellect” of the token affirmative action Ivy League fraud and with it the entire “Ivy League elite”.  But I also laugh at the audience on the receiving end of his faux pas.  They got what they asked for.  Wallow in it.  I’m laughing at the “superior European culture“.


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