About that War Powers thing

Obambi makes the case that the War Powers Act doesn’t apply to his little excellent adventure in Libya because there are no U.S. forces in harms way…

People like to make all this constitutional stuff sound complex and arcane.  It’s actually not.  I have a copy of the U.S. Constitution on my cell phone (there’s an app for that…the Declaration of Independence, too).  I have read the War Powers Act and because it was part of the subject the Authorizations For Use of Military Force in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This stuff really isn’t that hard.

Somebody needs to point out to the the former Constitutional Law Professor (who forever acts like he’s never actually seen the document) that the Constitution doesn’t define War as putting U.S. forces in harm’s way.  It’s really about the power to arbitrarilly kill people, ‘cuz otherwise his power is limited by little things like the Fourth Amendment and due process and such.

So here’s the way it works Skippy.  You are engaged in hostilities in Libya.  You are throwing missiles at people and if you don’t think that is hostile, ask the people at the receiving end.

Hmmm…  Anybody ever notice Obama’s propensity for claiming the power to sentence people to death by executive fiat?


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