Modern Western Scientific Process

1.  Start with the conclusion.

Science, like all other subjects are much easier if you know the answer before getting the question.

2. Build a case supporting the desired conclusion.

Sort through all evidence, real or imagined, keeping anything that supports the conclusion and discrediting what doesn’t.

3. Be prepared to demonize skeptics.

Because science is all about thinking.  The sky is chartreuse if the consensus believes it.  It’s just your lying eyes that makes it seem blue.

4. Make your conclusion involve the End Of The World As We Know It.

Or why bother.

5.  Go to the press with half baked unsupported conclusions.

Because its all about the publicity.  Peer reviews are unnecessary.  Peers are people who already agree with you.  Anybody who would disagree is a skeptical demon, anyway.

6.  Push the conclusion as a political movement.

No better way to separate empty headed politicians from taxpayers’ money.

7.  Wrap the conclusion in all the trappings of religion.

Best way to demonize skeptics is to make them heretics.  Also, religions have an air of permanence about them that ensure that the largess from the government flows and flows forever.

Welcome to the Church of Global Warming Climate Change Next Ice Age.

The modern western scientific process is an example of the politicization of everything.  It’s not what real scientists do.  It’s what lawyers do to support an indefensible client.  It’s why so called “Progressivism” will always fail.  So called “Progressivism” is all about scientific management of society.  But the so called “Progressives” can’t keep the politics out of the science, so the whole management structure eventually collapses.


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