Answer: All dicks, no balls

Question: What is Congress?

Why does Obama ignore Congress?  See title above.  Why is the US military now part of Obama’s Praetorian answerable only to Him?  See title above.  Why is Obama going to ignore the debt ceiling.  See title above.

The Obama administration is indistinguishable from any other crime syndicate.  He should have been impeached when he nationalized Government Motors and Chrysler.  That was illegal.  There was not law that permitted it and it was done in direct violation of existing bankruptcy laws.  But that wouldn’t have served his cronies.

A real legislature living up to their Oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States would know what to do.  But which of those Congresscowards serving today is willing to stand up and impeach The First [half] Black President?

Yeah, thought so.

And remember, I said that he needs to be impeached first time here.


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