Dear Sarah,

I can well understand why you wouldn’t want to expose yourself to the slings and arrows of the Democratic propagandists of the Leftist press by running for president.

Should, however, you decide to run, I would like to offer you a thought for kicking off your campaign.

Present it as a New Declaration of Independence for the People of the United States from the bloated Federal Empire of King Barry I.

Most people know bits and pieces of the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.  Timeless words defining the principles of a free people.  But most people don’t know that the bulk of the Declaration was a catalog of grievances against the government of King George III.  A New Declaration of Independence would provide a clear thesis  of grievances which could make a fine basis for a campaign platform.  Being able to list 99 of them has some precedence.  I suspect that with a little research, it could be found that King Barry I and his royal court of tax dodging miscreants has easily committed that many crimes.

And unlike the original Declaration, there is already a Constitution the violation of which serves as the basis of the grievances and reinstatement of which as the basis of government constraint is the raison detre of the campaign.

Your faithful supporter

W. T. Opinionated


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