Hitler did similar

Elements of the Obama administration are using taxpayer money to buy books ostensibly  written by O, thereby funneling even more taxpayer money to the Queen Michelle Antoinette’s Vacation Charity Fund.  An ethical president would have donated the books to avoid the obvious appearance of impropriety…Yeah! I really wrote that.  What a hoot.

Adolph Hitler licensed the use of his portrait for use on German postage stamps so that every letter that moved in the country contributed to his bank account.  Hardly seems necessary for people who’s every outrageous expense is already contributed by the National Debt.  Nice to know King Barry follows such admirable examples of leadership.


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  1. Old Jules on

    Nice to be able to pretend every president since Jimmy Carter hasn’t done similarly one way or another.

  2. way2opinionated on

    Not while in office. Writing books and memoir’s and getting paid big bucks to prop up a podium are perks of being an EX-president. Obama is a criminal. Every breath and every act leads to ever more corruption. He would already be booted from office if he wasn’t being guarded by the Praetorian Guards of the press.

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