Just to show I’m fair

Yeah, the right does smear jobs just like the left.  This Treacher video of Kieth Ellison is an example.  Notice how the video cuts out the moment the mistatement occurs.  Pretty much a sure sign that he corrected himself in the next sentence.

Folks…people who are having unscripted discussions will misspeak.  Trying to make a point by grabbing just the right seconds of video is what’s known as taking something out of context.  Stop it.  Just. Stop.

The United States officially entered WW II because it was attacked by the Axis Powers, of which both Germany and Japan belonged.  Ellison’s point was correct if poorly stated on the fly.

The better rebuttal was that long before the US was officially a belligerent in the war, we were an unofficial belligerent.  Roosevelt was actively supporting the British.  US Navy ships had been sunk by German U-boats (look up USS Reuben James).  The reality at the beginning of WW II is that the US was acting against a perceived threat in the absence of open hostilities.  Hitler did not want the US involved in the war and was going out of his way to avoid provoking us.  That’s a way better argument than out of context bloopers.

Conservatives can do better than bloopers.  Give it a try.


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