Drudge Missed One

Mat Drudge is the master of the juxtaposition.  However, today, July 7, he missed a great opportunity.  The headline read, “From Boil To Broil” with a picture of the flaming sky he’s been using.  But down in the columns he has, “Britain facing ‘worst ever’ summer; cold wet weather blighting Olympics…”

How do you break 4,500 temperature records during a single heat wave?  By using lots of measuring stations that didn’t exist in the 1950s (record high in St. Louis was 115° in 1954) and especially the 1930s (The Dust Bowl days?  You may have heard of them.) when it was REALLY hot.

Yeah, it’s hot here.  We’re supposed to hit 108° in St. Louis today.  Ouch.  This is a particularly hot dry summer…so far.  We’ve had them before.  In the ’60s, I endured 10 days in a row over 100 degrees in a house with a single window air conditioner and five of us living in that room.  Last summer we almost drowned (figuratively speaking).  I had to do some extensive engineering to try and control the flooding in the basement.  This summer is England’s turn for a rainy summer.  Dear GlowBull Warning Religionists.   It’s called weather, and there is nothing you can do about it but improvise, adapt and overcome.

PS:  Even if it was ‘Climate Change’…there’s still nothing you can do about it.  The climate has always changed.  It’s what nature does.


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