Q: What do pretty much all mass shootings have in common?

A:  They occur in “gun free zones”.

How’s that “gun free zone” thing working out for ya’, pilgrim?  In the reality based world, “Gun free zone” = “Free fire zone for bad guys”, aka: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns in the theater.

Q:  Why was it that these mass shootings never happened in the past?

A: In the past, at least half the people in the room would have been packing and would not have hesitated to let the shooter know what they thought of his choice of targets.

Q:  Why didn’t anyone stop the “Joker” shooter?

A:  Sigh.  Because a Progressive society teaches people to run and cower.   That’s why they want people unarmed.  There’s no way the Joker could have shot as many people as he did if half a dozen people had rushed him.  Six people out of 300? He absolutely wouldn’t have been standing there changing magazines if there had been a smidgen of opposition.  I expect to see the public school system start to teach self defense classes in 3…2…

Hah.  Had you going.  Can you imagine a public school class in self defense?  The public school system teaches people to be victims.  Quite successfully I might add.  People willing to stand up for themselves don’t need to be wards of the government.  They might even oppose their Masters’ will.  Can’t have any of that going around.


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