Getting ready to make my second pilgrimage to the aviation Mecca of the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture  in Oshkosh, WI.  Even though I haven’t flown (like, as a pilot) for twenty six years, aviation/aerospace is still my main interest.  Despite the fact that the family/father/financial reality thing  has pretty much put the kibosh on my flying plans until sometime in my next lifetime.  <sigh>

The bitter part is seeing how general aviation has withered since my flying days.  The airport I learned to fly at is closed.  It’s soybeans now (dry ones at that).  Most of the airports that I flew to are almost empty now.  Where there used to be lines of airplanes on the ramps, now there are only a few…or none.  Admittedly, the price of airplanes has gone up enough that most people probably keep their investments in hangers and shelters, there aren’t that many of those either.

For eons, homo sapiens were stuck on the ground watching birds with envy.  For a mere instant in the ages of the Earth, humans have been able to fly with the birds, freed from the ground.  Unfortunately, for that same century, the intellectual putrescence of Progressivism has sought to impose another Dark Age where their is no room for the freedom to fly.  The goal of the regulatory state is to crush out any conceivable form of freedom.  Every act in the regulatory state is either mandated or prohibited, eliminating any opportunity to choose an independent course of action.  The regulators have tried to ban guns and failed to date.  They are trying to dictate everything people eat.  They have almost succeeded in regulating little airplanes out of existence.  Just too much freedom going on there.

So I go not knowing if it is really a celebration of the freedom of flight, or its eulogy.  A last glimmer of light before the sunset.


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