Welcome to the King’s States of America

The stupes in Congress are apparently  doing it again.  Via Lucianne.com, we see that Congress is passing the “Presidential Efficiency and Streamlining Act” which will eliminate much of the Senatorial oversight of presidential appointments.

There is a clause in the Constitution that says the president can appoint subordinates with the ‘Advice and Consent’ of the Senate.  There was a reason for that clause.  It was to ensure that the managers who report to the president are first and foremost working for the People of the United States.  This prevents the Cabinet from becoming a Royal Court beholden and loyal only to the King, a position the founders really didn’t want to see again.  With the Presidential Efficiency and Streamlining Act, present and future kings presidents can surround themselves with vassals loyal and subservient only to them.  This is taking the stinking corruption of the czars that too many presidents have used and Obama has put on steroids and institutionalizing the practice.

The solution to dragged out appointments is for the president to appoint less controversial appointments.  Obama is not looking for managers to run the affairs of the country.  He is promoting co-conspirators to warp the country into his image.  He’s not looking for competence.  He’s looking for personal loyalty to himself and his animosity to everything that made the United States great.  It is exactly the Senate’s job to say, “No.  Try again.  And why don’t you get a resume next time.”

The President wears two hats.  One is the honorific of Head of State which has all the power and influence of the impotent European monarchs.  At diplomatic affairs, the President gets to sit at the head table with the other heads of state instead of at the kiddy table with the Prime Ministers.  The other job is as the Chief Executive of the Executive Branch.  Not of the government.  The Legislature and Judiciary are supposed to be independent, although it would be easy to think otherwise nowadays.  Not the country.  State governors do not answer to the president.  Nor do the People.  The President does not get to make the country in His own image.

Let me say it again (because I’ve said it before).  The President of the United States is not a King.

The United States does not have a King.

The United States does not want a King.

The United States does not need a King.

Somebody please inform those useless dimwits in Congress.


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