The Case For David

In ’08, I saw the Draft Sarah website almost a year before the election.  I was thinking, “No way.  There’s no way a dried up old RINO like McCain would pick anyone but a Boring White Guy.”  Surprise.

And for all the brainwashed libtards going, “But she cost him the election!”  Allow me to reply, “In what world?”  He was only ahead in the polls after he picked her and before he decided to TARP his chances away.  Sarah was the only reason he got any electoral votes at all.  I did not vote for McCain.  I voted for Sarah.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way…here’s my case for Romney picking Petraeus.

  • He’s one of the best and brightest to come out of the Pentagon, the top tier of a hierarchy of overachievers.  Has a PhD.  Romney makes the case that a real manager provides for an orderly succession with a competent replacement.  Obama on the other hand picked Slow Joe Biden as a poison pill against impeachment.  David Petraeus vs. Slow Joe Biden?  David Petraeus vs Barack “Affirmative Action” Obama?  Barry thinks he’s an academic?
  • He’s the head of the CIA.  Leave him there.  It’s simple  There is no law that says a VP candidate has to give up his day job.  Heck, if I was Romney, I’d leave Petraeus at CIA after the swearing in.  VPs have no power or position except to regularly check the President’s pulse.  As CIA director, Petraeus would be an active part of the administration in the event he had to move up to the Big Chair.  And he’d be the first VP with a paying day job!
  • He doesn’t want the job.  He’s not political.  He doesn’t want to campaign.  Don’t make him.  All he has to do is show up for the big events like the convention and the debates.  But otherwise, the only thing Romney would need from him is to be able to say, “He’s my VP.”
  • There is no law that says he has to resign as head of CIA.  That means he’s right in the middle of the Obama regime, serving the people of the United States.  And living in the heads of the Dems while charging them for the privilege.

Dare I say, “Game Changer”?



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