Liberal nightmare

Obama’s performance at the first presidential debate was his best performance.

Welcome to what a lot of us have known since ’08.  Obama is a fraud.  He is at best an accomplished actor, reading teleprompted scripts written by others with feigned feeling.  There was NOTHING in his behavior, history, presentation…ANYTHING that indicated to an aware observer that Obama was some kind of towering intellect.   The hiding of his school transcripts proves that.

One of the realizations from the debate is why Obama doesn’t meet with foreign heads of state, especially the ones he is having issues with.  He can’t deal with them any better than he could do with Romney and with state meetings, he doesn’t even get a moderator to run interference for him.  So he goes on the View instead to bask in the adulation of his worshipers.

Obama has NEVER been interested in the job of the presidency.  He is only interested in the trappings of royalty that come with it.

The reality is that he is simply not, and never has been, up to the job.


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