Reform 1: Term Limits

Proposed amendment:

  • Members of the House of Representatives shall serve for no more than five two year terms.
  • Senators shall serve one six year terms.
  • The President shall serve for one four year term and may serve up to two additional years if  completing an earlier term.
  • Supreme Court Justices shall serve ine nine year term.
  • No executive of any federal agency shall hold a single position for more than ten years.


Unlimited tenure has all but destroyed Congress as a representative body.  Instead of 554 representatives, Congress represents maybe a dozen districts represented by the senior members who are speaker, majority leader, or committee chairs.  I didn’t elect Harry Reid to be Viceroy of the Senate.

The pundits talk about the second term curse for presidents.  Here’s the solution.  No second term.  The President is the caretaker of the executive branch.  I NEVER voted for ANYONE to rebuild MY country to THEIR vision.  Military commanders rotate every two to three years.  President is Commander and Chief of the military and can work with four.

I used to say the SCOTUS justices should serve 18 years to make it so a president can’t pack the court.  With a single term, the president can’t pack the court except in the  unusual circumstance of filling an uncompleted term.  Therefore justices need only stay nine years.


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