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Just to show I’m fair

Yeah, the right does smear jobs just like the left.  This Treacher video of Kieth Ellison is an example.  Notice how the video cuts out the moment the mistatement occurs.  Pretty much a sure sign that he corrected himself in the next sentence.

Folks…people who are having unscripted discussions will misspeak.  Trying to make a point by grabbing just the right seconds of video is what’s known as taking something out of context.  Stop it.  Just. Stop.

The United States officially entered WW II because it was attacked by the Axis Powers, of which both Germany and Japan belonged.  Ellison’s point was correct if poorly stated on the fly.

The better rebuttal was that long before the US was officially a belligerent in the war, we were an unofficial belligerent.  Roosevelt was actively supporting the British.  US Navy ships had been sunk by German U-boats (look up USS Reuben James).  The reality at the beginning of WW II is that the US was acting against a perceived threat in the absence of open hostilities.  Hitler did not want the US involved in the war and was going out of his way to avoid provoking us.  That’s a way better argument than out of context bloopers.

Conservatives can do better than bloopers.  Give it a try.



Hey y’all boils and ghouls.  A new presidential election season is upon us and I thought, “Why not fire up the blog and talk to myself about it!  By golly!”

Yes it’s been a few months hiatus while the Opinionator delinted the sweater supply.  But that’s over.  At least until the next attack of nubs.

Occupy Stupid

Instapundit linked to the following article on the Forbes web site:

When Will the Education Bubble Explode?

Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.  <Jeopardy music playing>

Now, how insightful do you have to be to figure out that all Higher Education isn’t made the same?  It’s not about the degree, it’s about the knowledge.  The degree’s value is only in how it portrays the recipient’s knowledge.  It’s not about people giving up on so-called “Higher Education”, it’s about people realizing that spending a King’s Ransom for a piece of paper that shows that the recipient partied down for four years without receiving an iota of useful information is not “Higher Education.”

The Forgotten War

I’ve read a number of references lately to the so called “endless war” started of course by the Evil Booooosh.

But everybody forgets the real Long War.  Namely, the Cold War.

The Cold War lasted 51 years from 1948 to the collapse of the Warsaw Pact in 1989.  Don’t try to tell me that it wasn’t a “real war”, or as Whoopi Goldberg would say, a “war-war”.  I interacted with many veterans of that war.  If you were in the Strategic Air Command (I sat next to a retired LtCol for months who was in bombers and spent time in a missile silo.  And a lot of the discussion focused on friends of his  who died on active duty) or in a boomer (nuclear missile sub), you were at war.  And lots of people died fighting it not even counting the Cold War flash points in Viet Nam and Korea.  Thousands have died at the demilitarized zone at the Korean 38th parallel since the so called ‘armistice’ was signed.

Somebody needs to calculate the costs and human toll of the Cold War (assuming somebody hasn’t done it already)

Godzilla is real

I grew up watching Japanese monster movies.  Decades later, my kids grew up watching the same Japanese monster movies and their sequels.  I wondered at times why the Japanese were so into movies where the monster shows up, creates all sorts of havoc, and then leaves, sometimes without any effective response by the protagonists.  It’s because they live with these monsters ever day.  The ground shakes in Japan like the wind blows in Missouri.  They live the “It’s not if but when…” reality.

Joyeux Noël

Looking through my WordPress dashboard, I noticed that somebody hit my old post about the 2009 Veterans Day Parade.  That got me thinking about a movie I saw about the same time, Joyeux Noël, which not only addresses the issue I discussed about respect between enemies but very much portrays the spirit of the season we’re in.  And it has BAGPIPES!

And not just playing in the background at some fireman’s funeral.  I mean right out front as a main character.  Braveheart didn’t have as much bagpipe as this movie.

Joyeux Noël is a historical fiction about the 1914 Christmas Truce in the trenches of France during WW I.  A spontaneous break out of hope, faith and charity in the middle of one of the worst hells ever created on Earth.  A victory of humanity in the face of inhumanity.

And it all came about because of BAGPIPES!

Mmmm. No. You’re wrong

Aaron Sorkin at the Huffington Post condemns Sarah Palin for hunting Caribou on a reality show.  Gee.  Who could have seen that coming?

They call hunting “hunting” and not “shooting” for the same reason that they call fishing “fishing” and not “catching”.  It’s surprisingly hard and the animal (and fish) have a lot to say about what your chances of success are.  In my decades of hunting (long ago now) the only thing I ever rustled up was some frogs (the amphibious kind).  Having a rifle supposedly makes hunting easier than using something like a spear, but I wouldn’t know because it didn’t help me much at all.

Sorkin tries to deny hypocrisy about being an omnivore while condemning hunting. But the attitude that condemns killing for sport where the meat is harvested is just around the corner from condemning killing for work (evil blood for profit!).  I suspect that not only does Sorkin not hang out with any who works as a butcher in a meat packing plant, from where his carnivorous yearnings are sated, but he would be averse being around them in general.  They would be ‘unclean’.  But of course, he won’t mind if they continue to supply him with culinary treats from a distance.

It is the attitude so prevalent today of people who want the benefits of civilization but don’t want to see what actually goes on to make it happen.  More commonly, they condemn what actually goes on to make it happen.  ‘Cultured’ people can admire fine automobiles.  But they claim superior moral standing because they condemn the petroleum industry that makes it go.  They would be enraged if the lights don’t go on when they flip the switch, but protest every facet of the infrastructure that powers it.

Sorry, to condemn hunting but accept the whole animal husbandry industry is hypocrisy.  The chances of that caribou dying of old age in bed surrounded by family and friends (because most liberals’ knowledge of nature comes from Disney) is zero.  The most likely destiny of that animal was to be torn apart by wolves or other predators, during which at some point, it would mercifully die.  A good clean shot is infinitely quicker.  So if Mr. Sorkin really wants to keep animals from suffering slow painful deaths, he should encourage more hunting.

Of course, one suspects that his interest lay less in the welfare of the deli on the hoof than gratuitous Palin hating.

“…there was an insert close-up of your manicure while you were roughing it in God’s country. I know exactly how many feet off camera your hair and make-up trailer was.”

Had he listened to the story, he would have known that they were in camp for a grand total of two…got that…two whole days.  Arrive one day, leave the next…maybe less than 36 hours on the ground.  Color me gullible, but I’m betting manicured nails don’t fall off in two days.  I knew women who worked in factories that wore manicures.  It’s the style of the times.  If anything, the nail disprove his claim.  Sarah Palin’s main occupation now is public speaker.  Ya’ know…dressing up in girlie clothes and getting all dolled up and manicured like she worked in an office or something.  If they had tried to present her a Tarzana, they would have cropped the nails to support the part.  Instead, it looked like she had taken two days off from the office to go hunting.  Surprise! That’s how it was presented.

“That was the first moose ever murdered for political gain.”

Apparently, Mr. Sorkin has never heard of Teddy Roosevelt.  Oh, and we’ve established that he can never be president.  As we know from all the haters jumping on any misplaced word as proof that someone isn’t qualified to be president, it wasn’t a moose.  Sorkin cannot be president.  QED.

And for the critics who say she looked like an amateur, the purpose of the show was not to present her as The Great White Hunter.  It was to present her as learning from her father, a major theme in her book Going Rogue and a concept unimaginable to so many today, including apparently, Sorkin.

Update: Hot Air’s Quotes of the Day picked up on the same theme.  It was not about her hunting skills.  It was about a father and daughter relationship.

An old name arises from the ashes

I had heard about the resurrection of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat but had not run across it until I was intentionally browsing Missouri based bloggers.  The Globe-Democrat was the second daily newspaper competing with the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  The Globe-Democrat died as a newspaper years ago.  It was resurrected as an online news channel only.

St. Louis Globe-Democrat

I’ve stuck it on my link bar to see how it develops.

Oh, the sweet irony that the Globe-Democrat is a conservative news outlet.  What’s that Nelson Muntz says?  Oh, yeah.  “HA-ha”

I didn’t see any mines in Chile

I was working in Chile in 1980.  A few recollections.

There is an old fort on a hilltop in downtown Santiago.  There was a cannon on the parapets that was fired every day at noon.  The field representative’s office was right across the street.  I don’t know how that cannon didn’t blow the windows out of the office but there was no excuse for not knowing it was lunchtime.

This was right after the communist Salvador Allende was overthrown and Gen. Pinochet took over.  His Presidential inauguration took place while I was there.  Lot’s of preparation going on, but I didn’t see any of the parade.

One of the people I was working with took me to the Presidential Palace and described how the Air Force Mirages fired missiles through the front doors to allow the army to enter.  It was a real serious Latin American shoot’n coup.

They also described life under Allende.  Street thugs being sent out to harass anybody with anything to steal. (Street thugs?  Who would do a thing like that?)  It was pretty unpleasant for the people I worked with.  Pinochet and the military saved Chile from being another Cuba.

Fighting gravity

I started the following post back in December ’08.

This is a naked attempt to provoke comments.

My take:

1.  The Steel industry

2.  Maritime industry – Without the protectionism of the Jones Act, there would be no commercial vessels sailing under US flags bigger than mom and pop fishing boats.

Didn’t get very far with my list.  But even if I had, I would have had a new one to add now:

n. Government

The unions destroy with their excesses.  They do not have to deal with the consequences of their actions even though they suffer from them.  The Steelworkers Union cost the industry 85% of its employment through the unions efforts to, get this, preserve jobs.  Yet the Steelworkers never had to deal with shuttering the plants they drove out of business.  The common theme of the Rust Belt is the dominance of the big industrial unions in those states.  Between the unions and the Democratic sycophants they put in office they create business climates just a little friendlier to commerce than Stalinist Russia.

We may now be seeing, unfolding rather swiftly, the collapse or at least serious retrenchment of the government unions and the government by entitlement that they create for their own benefit.  The unions make demands without even the slightest intention of doing anything to earn them.  Quite the contrary, in addition to pushing for ever larger wages and benefits, they go out of their way to ensure that their membership has to provide even less value in return.  The Labor Mafia movement was created by and continues to be dominated by socialists and communists.  Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.  Their understanding of economics and what it takes to provide for them is non-existent.

Economics is not a political philosophy.  The fundamental laws of economics, supply and demand, conservation of resources are not opinions.  They are in reality Laws of Nature, as fixed and immovable as the Laws of Gravity and the Conservation of Matter, Energy and Momentum.  This is why socialist states always fall.  They are fighting gravity.