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He’s already got his excuse in place

If Obama can’t fix the mess he supposedly inherited from Bush, what makes anyone think he can fix the mess he will inherit from himself?  But at least he’ll have a good excuse.


A friendly reminder

From me.

When you hear the libtards talking about the failed policies of the Bush administration, remember that the failed policies of the Bush administration had unemployment at 4.5%.  What happened then?  The Democrats took over Congress.  Too many people like to think that the Presidency is like a deity, supernatural in its potency.  But the regulatory schemes that broke the national bank were run from the Capitol, not the White House.

Just are reminder when you hear the libtards libtarding about, “The Republicans are worse!”  No, they’re not.  This is not to say that Republicans are perfect.  When they assume control of the Senate, they always turn into Democrat Lites.  But a Democrat Lite is not as bad as a Let’s Do Everything We Can To Destroy The Evil United States brand of Democrat Heavy.

Briefing Day

Prior to Katrina’s landfall, fully 50,000 emergency response people were in gear and preparing for it.  The Navy had a task force moving up the Gulf behind the hurricane so when the storm moved inland, the ships could pull into ports and start providing relief.  Within a few days after landfall, fully 100,000 emergency responders were in gear.  It was the largest natural, or national emergency response effort ev-ah.

What exactly was supposed to have been done differently?  Take the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana out, stand them up against a wall and shoot them?  All of the problems with getting relief to people, or for that matter putting people in peril lay with those two.

Why does Bush get hammered on Katrina?  Because the press said so.  Surely by now we should all have a better grip on the reliability of the press than the pres has on the truth.

My favorite Katrina story was Sheppard Smith standing in front of the entrance to the Super Dome gravely reporting that hundreds were dying, bodies were stacked up inside like cord wood, and cannibalism was occurring.  The actual number who died was six.  One gunshot.  One suicide by diving  off a balcony.  Four died from exposure to un-air conditioned air.  (The contribution of air conditioning to longevity is not fully appreciated by the medical community)

NOW! a real reporter might possibly have considered sticking their head through the entrance and ask something utterly reporter like, like, “Show me the bodies.”  Oh, but not Sheppard.  He stood there with his face in front of his national audience and repeated any rumor anybody wanted to whisper into his ear.  And it was on the basis of sound reporting like that that Bush is castigated for Katrina.

Ya’ll will miss W when you see how Obama handles a situation like that.

I’m like a prophet or something!

I said this would happen.

W was far from the worst president ever.  There was much he could have done better.  Communicating better rather than letting his opponents drive the agenda would have been a biggy.  Being less of a Democrat at spending would have been another.  But he was always perfectly poised.  A class act.  And there was never any doubt that somebody was in charge.  That’s leadership whether you agree with policy or not.  And totally in contrast to the vacuous presence in the White House today.

In the last lame duck days of his administration, as the financial meltdown reached it’s climax, Bush snapped his fingers and the developed world’s leaders came to Washington DC to sit at his feet, not to bask in the light of his aura, like O, but because they knew he would actually do something.  I’m still waiting for Godbama to call a summit…where he can belittle the other leaders of the world with a video about him Him because he He is WAY to awesome to actually suffer their presence in person…and nobody shows.  Why bother?  He’s not going to do anything anyway.

How does Obama make Iran stop its nuclear weapons program?

“I’ll huff…and I’ll puff……and I’ll huff…and I’ll puff…and…and…racist.

Barack Obama is going to learn a simple lesson.  Bad guys don’t listen to people they aren’t afraid of.  Bad guys were afraid of Bush.  He proved to be a serious loose cannon.  Bad guys were afraid of Reagan.  He was willing to fire the occasional warning shot between the eyes.  Heck, George H. W. Bush, accused of being a wimp at home, made the international bad guys stand up and pay attention when he built one of the largest coalitions in modern history to drive Saddam out of Kuwait.

Q: What countries are afraid of Obama?

A: Our allies.

What we have…is a failure to communicate

Dr Zero at Hot Air posts an article about Obama’s healthcare presser.  He makes the observation that Obama failed to sway, or even try to sway, the public in large part because he doesn’t feel the need to.

While the good doctor’s point about the insular world of politicians in general and liberals in particular is dead on in my book, what caught me was the similarity in to George W Bush.  By far my biggest complaint with Dubya, and what I believe was the biggest failure of his administration, was the failure to communicate.  He believed he was right and took for granted that all right thinking people would understand the issue.  No need to stick his mug in front of the people every night like some other presidents might.  People would eventually understand.  The few times he did take his case to the public generally worked, possibly because he did it so rarely, but there was an overall failure to state his case and promote it over the long term.

Obama also sees no need to communicate.  But the similarity ends there.  Obama doesn’t think he’s right.  Obama expects to be obeyed.  Like the autocratic parent to an unruly child, his rationalizations don’t go beyond, “Just do it because I said so.”  He has proven conclusively that he has absolutely no interest at all in the subject of healthcare and how to improve it.  He doesn’t understand it.  He doesn’t care.  Providing healthcare to the people is of no importance.  Nationalized healthcare is one of those fundamental dogmas of the liberals/leftists that drives everything he does without thinking.  The reasons that he pushes for quick action is the desire to have something big passed that has his name on it…and of course the increased power that will naturally flow to the executive branch under anything that comes out of a Democratic congress.

What would Bush Do?

What would Jesus Bush do?**

One of the goals of the attack on 9/11 was to throw the US economy into a panic that would spiral into a collapse of the economy.  President Bush talked tough.  He also said to keep living your life.  Do what you would normally do.  Do not fear.  And sure as I lived through it, the shutdown of Wall Street for a week and complete shutdown of major industries like air transport for days resulted in a short slowdown but not a major recession.

What is this crap that the Fear-Monger-in-Chief is pulling?  FEAR!  FEAR!  FEAR MY WRATH!  Sell your children’s future to me or ALL IS LOST!  Bush could have done that.  He could have told everybody to panic…hide…stuff money in pillow cases…all is lost!  But he didn’t because that’s what al Qeda wanted.

So what are the Democrats doing?  What al Qeda wanted.

Can I question their patriotism yet?

** I wanted to put that in the title, but WordPress wouldn’t let me.

Somedays, I wish I was a lawyer – 3

The republicans in the Senate successfully stopped the auto union bailout only to have Bush say he’s going to pay the $15 Billion out of the $700 Billion TARP bill.  If TARP wasn’t meant to be a gravy train for failed businesses and there is no language in it that authorized Bush to use it as a gravy train for failed businesses…then could a taxpayer suit stop it as an unconstitutional breach of power?

Any lawyers out there want to take that one on?  I, unfortunately, can’t do it myself.