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Another not to Sen. McCaskill

My reply to Sen. McCaskill’s reply to my comment:

Thank you for replying to my previous note.

Some points:
1.  The issue is not gun violence or gun safety.  The issue is all violence and all safety.  Nobody’s last thought when they are being strangled by an unarmed assailant is, “At least I wasn’t shot.”  More people are killed by unarmed assault in the US than by guns.  Yet the record of countries (Australia, UK) and cities (Chicago, Washington, DC) show that restricting gun rights increases overall violence, including ironically, gun violence.  How many people were shot in Chicago today?  Obviously banning guns isn’t the answer, which makes one suspect that gun violence is not the problem.
2. We do not need to find middle ground.  If the middle ground is always between where we are and where the Confiscators want to take us, then the road will lead inexorably to the Confiscators’ victory.  This is unacceptable.  If current laws are inadequate, maybe it is because they are completely misguided and wrong to begin with.  The issue is not the legal ownership of firearms.  It is the presence of the twisted and deranged who desire to do evil to others.  Try outlawing them.
3.  The proof of the lie in Sen Feinstein’s gun bill is that it exempts the political class from its restrictions.  If gun ownership is bad it is bad for all.  Disarm the Capital Police and Secret Service and put “No Gun Zone” signs outside the Capital and White House.  If politicians can protect themselves with machine guns and the citizenry cannot, then the issue is not about safety.  It is about power.

Please reject Sen. Feinstein’s gun ban legislation.  It is a dishonest attempt by the Confiscators to eliminate the 2nd Amendment one little step at a time.


And Claire Responds

I sent a note to Sen. Claire McCaskill indicating my opposition to Sen Diane Feinstein’s proposed gun bill. To her credit, she responded (I have many issues with her but she does reply to her constituents most of the time.)

January 26, 2013
Dear Mr. Howard,

Thank you for contacting me regarding gun control policy and gun safety. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

As you know, the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the fundamental right to bear arms. I strongly support legal and safe gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and have consistently voted to uphold this constitutional right. I welcomed and supported the recent Supreme Court decision in the District of Columbia v. Heller case that made clear that the constitutional right to gun ownership is an individual one.

At the same time, we have to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of individuals who should not have them. We should have sensible, constitutional controls on gun ownership that address safety in our communities, like preventing the mentally ill and criminals from possessing guns.

Recent tragedies, such as the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, have made it clear that our nation’s current gun laws should be reconsidered. Efforts to close the gun show loophole, provide for universal background checks on all guns sales, and to ensure that those with court-determined, dangerous mental health diagnoses do not get access to guns are being considered. While I want to closely study any proposal before I vote on it, I welcome these initiatives, because they represent sensible steps to keep our communities safe while respecting gun ownership rights. Importantly, legal experts believe each of these steps is consistent with the Second Amendment.

Knowing that those responsible for some of the most prominent mass shootings in recent history have suffered from mental illness, it is equally clear that we must also consider mental health services available to our citizens. A more robust mental health care system may help identify and treat individuals who need help before they resort to violence. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare,” will substantially expand important mental health coverage when it is fully implemented in 2014. I am hopeful that efforts to repeal these vital expansions in mental health care will come to an end, while new efforts will be undertaken to expand access to care.

Importantly, I firmly believe that an attempt to promote appropriate gun safety measures can be done without infringing upon law-abiding citizens’ right to own firearms or unduly burdening the hunting and sportsmanship culture of Missouri.

You may be interested to know that, in the past, my commitment to respecting the Second Amendment has led me to vote to permit residents of the District of Columbia to own and purchase firearms and to prevent funding for any international organization, including the United Nations, that places a tax on any firearm owned by a United States citizen. I have also opposed other inappropriate measures related to gun ownership rights, such as forcing Missouri to accept other states’ firearms laws.

While the debate over appropriate gun control measures is divisive, I believe there is middle ground here. This nation can come together to support sensible laws that prevent the mass murder of innocent citizens — especially innocent children — while we continue to respect our constitution and its Second Amendment rights. Please know that, as your United States Senator, I will keep your thoughts in mind as Congress considers gun-related legislation in the months ahead.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance to you on this or any other issue.


Claire McCaskill
United States Senator

P.S. If you would like more information about resources that can help Missourians, or what I am doing in the Senate on your behalf, please sign up for my email newsletter at

Note to Sen. McCaskill

Sent through the Senate web site:

Please reject Sen Feinstein’s proposed Gun Bill.  There is no part of it that would make the country safer.  There is nothing in it that will keep a crazy person from just finding another weapon and commit evil anyway.  The issue is not “Gun Violence”.  It is “All Violence” and countries that ban guns see huge increases in all violence, including ironically enough, gun crimes.  The United States should not go follow the failed policies of other countries.



Todd Akin is an idiot

But he’s our idiot. <grumble-grumble>

During the primary, McCaskill polled behind a potted plant.  Now Akin has to prove he’s at least as valuable as a potted plant (some question there).  He’s supposed to be buying air time so he can give his, “I’m not a witch.” speech*.  With everyone expecting that, what I would recommend he do (besides hitting himself in the head with a hammer) is go on the offensive with McCaskill’s record of betraying her constituents to curry favor with her political overlords in her party.  He won’t because he’s an idiot.  But that’s what he should do.

* Christine O’donnell reference.

Dear Claire…

Voted for Sarah Steelman for the Republican senate candidate in the Missouri primary election.  I’ve actually had good interaction with Akin before even though I’m not in his house district.  But I wanted to help Sarah Palin keep her streak alive on endorsements (she’s 4-1 now).  It doesn’t matter though.  I would vote for a post in the ground to get you out of the Senate because a post wouldn’t have voted for over 2,000 pages of the worst legislation ever writen, sight unseen.  I can understand that you wanted to suck up to your Democratic Party overlords when they commanded you to betray your constituents.  I just don’t have to like it…or forgive it.

Anything but Claire, 2012.

Are we slaves?

Claire McCaskill has turned Missouri into a vassel state. Missourians will have tax money stolen at the point of a gun in order to pay Ben Nelson’s bribe money.  Nebraska gets a free ride.  Thanks Claire.

Sen. McCaskill;

Kill the Bill.

You voted for Missouri taxpayers to be robbed of their income to pay for Ben Nelson’s and Mary Landrieu’s bribes to get them to vote for the Obamacare abomination?  Nebraska gets its Medicare paid for.  Who pays for Missouri’s?  Are we going to borrow it from China like the rest of the federal budget?

If it is not your intent to turn the United States into a stinking rotting corpse of a bankrupt third world nation ruled by corruptocrats and political payoffs, why are you supporting this?

Do you really want your legacy to be legislation so corrupt and evil it has to be passed in the middle of night so nobody can see its hideousness?

Your job is to represent your constituents who are speaking very plainly.  Kill the Bill.

My notes to the ‘good senator’ are increasingly less polite.  But then, look at what she’s doing.

Democratic Party is the Party of Whores.  Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery.  Democratic Party will be the death of the Nation.  Like every tinhorn dictator in history, they don’t care what ruin they cause as long as they are the ones ruling it.  They’ll take care of themselves first.  An that’s all that really matters.

Wrote my Senators again

I am saved from writing to my congressional representative because I don’t have one.  This is the MO-1st congressional district Democratic hell hole.  It’s a hereditary sinecure for for the Clay family.

The rumor is that the Republicans are starting to waver in their resistance to the Democrats power grab.  Apparently, imitating people who have spines is a hard act to keep up.

To Senator Christopher Bond.  Bond is retiring and is lame ducking.  But I have to assume that while he has no future political ambitions, he is still interested in the future of his party, at least out of habit.  So I slapped him around a little;

Topic: Health

“Just say NO.  Rumor is the Republicans are thinking about caving on the Democratic Healthcare industry takeover.  The answer is NO.  Just NO.  There is not a single period in the bills in Congress that is better than the status quo.  Any Democratic bill is a Trojan Horse for nationalized healthcare, however small they pony up.  The only thing giving republicans any traction in the public opinion polls their stand against the Democratic Hegemony. If the republicans cave, they are dead as a party.”

To Senator Claire McCaskill.  I’ve written a number of e-mails to the junior senator from Missouri and have gotten responses back, unlike sending e-mails to the lame duck senior senator from Missouri.  Of course writing in measured tones didn’t keep her from voting for the Porkulus abomination.  So you may be able to attract more flies with honey than vinegar, but a pile of crap works, too.

“What part of NO don’t the Democrats understand?
Any healthcare “reform” bill passed by the Democrats is a Trojan Horse for nationalized healthcare.  I know it.  Everybody I know knows it.  Every Democrat who stands up and denies it gets caught by a YouTube video of them contradicting themselves.  There will be a backlash if this catastrophe goes through.  Unless your plans include being a one term senator, you might reconsider any ill advised support you may have given this monstrosity.
If you cannot read it and understand it in its entirety (and it is being voted on unfinished) how in good conscience can you inflict it on your constituents?”

Alas, I suspect that the temptation to expand the Democratic Party Hegemony over another 1/6th of the US economy will be too strong to resist.