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On Constitutional Conventions

Rob Natelson at Freedom’s Front Line has an informative article considering the validity of claims that the Constitutional convention of 1787 was a “runaway convention” and finding the claim wanting.  Not mentioned explicitly in the article is that the issue of a “runaway convention” is the case made against move to have the states call for a constitutional convention as called out in Article V of the US Constitution to propose amendments to limit federal power.  But there is another case to be made against the claimed threat of constitutional convention run amok.  Namely, the convention is powerless except for the proposing of amendments.  Those amendments still have to be ratified by 3/4ths of the states and that has been and will remain a major obstacle.  If a constitutional convention proposes a 400 page European Union Constitution, or tries to go beyond the stated purpose of limiting federal power, then the states don’t have to ratify it.  In fact, the more crap that a convention throws out beyond it stated license, the more likely the states will simply reject everything.

Problem of a “runaway convention” solved.