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If Hillary is the surprise DNC speaker…

…I’ll try to look surprised.

If Obama announces she’s the VP, I’ll try to look shocked.

Surely the only person on Obama’s staff who thinks Biden is an asset is Obama.  Given his recent gaffes, I’m not sure Biden thinks he’s an asset.  He sounds more like somebody trying to get fired.

Next question….where in the world did the Democrats come up with the idea of Hillary as a savior?  The same place they came up with the idea of Obama as one?


Hitting themselves in the head with a hammer

Why are the Democrats still attacking Rush Limbaugh?

Because it will feel so good when they stop.

There’s a story.  It’s supposed to be true…I wouldn’t make this stuff up, about a besieged city in China.  The defense of the city was going swimmingly until the defenders ran out of arrows.  Cleverly, they put together straw manikins and put them on the ramparts.  The besiegers gleefully fired volley after volley at the bodies on the walls, convinced that they were wiping out the defenders, until their own arrows started coming back at them.

The latest re: Don Surber, is that some Democrats, like the Democratic National Committee, are going to set up a billboard where Rush will be forced, forced I tell ya’, to see it on his way to work to serve up deep fried donkey for his 20 million listeners.

The mind boggles.  What do they think is going to happen?  Do they think he is going to have a Dr. Phil moment and break down whining and crying like a liberal at the sight of a slight?  Do they think he doesn’t spend the whole morning looking for things to talk about for three hours?  Do they think they are renting the only billboard in Florida?  Or that he doesn’t have money?

I don’t care what the Democrats put on their billboard.  It’ll be inane.  I’m waiting for the response.