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Let me try to work up some shock

via Ace.

Is Obama a legal phony?

Well, duh.

Oh, wait. Let me put on my shocked face.

What Obama is is a consummate con man.  But the con doesn’t work in the light of day.  Con men have to have secrecy to set up their cons.  They need to show up, impress the rubes, and disappear until the next performance.  The need to seed the mine with gold dust.  They need to cook up false images of success.  They need time for the rubes to forget.  The White House does not provide that secrecy.  He is in the public eye every day and every discrepancy between the con and the reality is there for the World to see.  His PR people try to concoct images of success, but they conflict so glaringly with the unmistakable reality of failure.  He can’t hide.

He presents himself as a blank slate that others can imprint in their own image.  He does nothing.  He knows nothing.  In very serious personality characteristics, he is nothing.  There is no conscience.  There is no truth but His.  There is no one but Him.

That he was a fraud as a “legal scholar” is totally unsurprising to anyone who actually listens to him speak.  What was the give away?  A “Constitutional Law Professor” who knows nothing about the Constitution?

Con’s up Barry.



Whew.  It was hard living that that level of ambivalence. I was bothered about benefiting from a computer hack since I don’t really like computer hackers.  However, I am over my angst with it.  It was pointed out in another blog (don’t remember which), or asked rhetorically, whichever, how was the hack and release of the Climate Research Unit’s e-mails any different than the act of a whistleblower?  Everybody loves a whistleblower if it’s against a private company.  Why they’re capitalists who <gag> make money!  CRU just wanted the power to rule the world.

What the Global Warmists were perpetuating was fraud on a global scale.  It was an organization of pseudoscientists who’s ultimate goal was the destruction of most of human civilization.  No James Bond villain sought to do more damage to humanity (except maybe that guy in Moonraker who was going to kill everybody except his select little colony of perfect people.  Wait a minute…he wasn’t a villain.  He was just a liberal environmentalist!) than any fraud perpetrated by any company ever, anywhere.  Conceivably (and no, Virginia, this is not an exaggeration) their fraud would have cost more than all frauds ever perpetrated in human history (except perhaps socialism).  The direct cost of some of the plans for complying with their vision was going to be $Trillions.  How can anyone measure the lost lives and fortunes of generations that would be denied any hope of affluence?  Their movement was attempting (successfully, I might add) to acquire power over the entire World’s economy.  Under their rule, countries that would not voluntarily subjugate themselves to the Global Warmist’s dogmas would be economically isolated and forced to obey.  In their grandest dreams, they were going to destroy centuries of human progress.  The release of the CRU’s e-mail was more valuable in terms of protecting the…heck, the entire human race than any corporate whistleblower who found a company not dotting their i’s or crossing their t’s.

Gateway Pundit says Sen. Jim Inhofe (a longtime Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptic) is going to have hearings about the e-mails.  Keep it viral Jim.  When the Democrats are driven out in ’10, the prosecutions for crimes against humanity can begin.


(The title is to counterpoise the following post (which is really the previous post.))

The internet (at least the parts that count) is afire with the news of the hack of the Glowball Worming Fraudsters.

The reason for the angst is that yes, a crime was committed against the GWF.  I’m not really a friend of hackers.  But this was a crime against criminals.  The e-mails prove nothing to me.  Confirms?  Yes.  But beyond the details doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t know.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming movement has been and always will be a bunch of fraudsters.  They are not scientists.  Any degrees they pose behind to provide credentials to back up their claims should be revoked by the institutions that granted them.  These people are not disgraces to the practice of science only because they made no attempt to practice science.  This was a conspiracy of con-men (and women) who actively pursued a plan to undermine the rights of Humanity to exist and prosper by creating a climate of fear based on a fraudulent threat they invented in the name of Saving The Earth.

Just a bunch of con-men.  So much for the Noble Environmental Movement.  There is no angst in regards to my contempt for these people.  Can we stop being Green now?