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Obama’s Leg Humping, Lap Dog Media

Obama’s Democratic Propagandists in the Main Stream Media loves to refer to Obama’s wonderful 2008 campaign.  Actually, it wasn’t much (“Can’t I eat my WAFFLES!”) of a campaign.  Admittedly, McCain was awful.  The only reason he got any states at all was Palin pulling in the conservatives.  Otherwise he would probably have been shut out altogether.  But a miserable runner doesn’t need much skill when the pundits who are supposed to report on the race throw the miserable runner in the back of a pickup truck, run over the other runners and then drive him across the finish line.

Now they’re at it again.  (Again.  Still?)  Really, seriously, what is wrong with these people?  Obama is absolutely the worst president in history.  No other president actively avoided the actual job of being president like him.  (Jimmy Carter’s problem wasn’t not doing the job.  If anything, he tried to hard.  He just wasn’t up to it)  Obama has absolutely no interest in doing the actual job of president (chief executive of the executive branch)  All he’s interesting in is the trappings of a monarch and the adulation that go with it.  And the press is just as unwilling to do their job of holding him accountable, instead being perfectly willing to be his adulating worshipers.  Why?  No one every entered the White House before who’s very goal was to make the United States weaker and poorer.  Why exactly do those rich, pampered elitists hate the country so?