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A House Divided

Many people have heard of Lincoln’s ‘House Divided’ speech.  Most people don’t know where he was going with it.  The common understanding was predicting the division of the country.  Actually he specifically stated that, “…a house divided cannot long stand…” did not mean that the house would fall.  What he predicted was that that the house would have to resolve its difference and become either all free or all slave.  In 1865 it looked like the decision was made to make the country all free.  But the slave masters were allowed to persist.  Reconstruction.  Jim Crow.  Lynchings.  Segregation. The works…were all attempts of the slave masters to subdue the former slaves again.  Slowly, progress was made against the slave masters.

But in the early 20th Century, the wanna be slave masters found a new tool.  “Progressivism”.  For 100 years the “Progressives” have worked to impose their will on the country.  “Progressivism” has been described as, day one, the “Progressive” makes up their mind.  Day two, they make up your mind.

Looks like once again we are faced with a house divided between free and slave.  The slave masters are moving to make the country whole again, but this time all slave.  The issue is gun control and the “Progressive’s” move to disarm all of the country, except of course, themselves.

Why, you ask, does disarming the population imply that the slave masters are trying to make slaves of the American people.  It’s simple.  Free people are free to defend themselves and have the right to bear arms to affect that right.  Slaves are never allowed to arm or protect themselves.  Is the secret service going to give up guns when they protect the President?  Are Bloomberg’s armed guards going to give up the weapons for the cause?  It’s ever so interesting that the people who are the most vociferous about banning guns for the rest of us have no intention of disarming their own protectors.  It’s obvious who they think the masters will be.


Back to Basics

The Republicans need a good catchy slogan like label for the party.  The billionaires who run the Democrats managed to label them the Party of the Rich.  My suggestion:

The Emancipation Party.

The Democratic Party can be described with the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism.  At least three of those four S’s are alive and well today.  They don’t talk so much about secession since Dubya left.

“Oh, Republicans!  Free us from the tyranny of the nanny state.  Free us from the apartheid of identity politics.  Free us from confiscatory taxes.  Free us to be American again.”

Yeah, that works.

Obama loves to wrap himself in the trappings of Lincoln.  But he is no Lincoln.  Lincoln was a Republican.  Lincoln founded the Republicans.  Lincoln freed 4 million slaves, just like George Bush freed 50 million.

It’s a simple slogan.  It puts the opposition in a bad light (as in truthful light).  It raises causes worth fighting for.

The Emancipation Party.