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Obama flips off the military

Wrote both my senators about Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be SecDef:

Please reject Sen Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.  The Advice and Consent clause of the Constitution is to ensure that the senior managers of the federal government serve the People of the United States.  Obama is not a king.  He does not get to surround himself with a royal court loyal only to him.  Hagel’s nomination is Obama’s insult to the military. His nomination [appointment*] would just be salt in their wounds.

* crap.  I have to write my notes to my senators here first so I can proofread them.


Liberal nightmare

Obama’s performance at the first presidential debate was his best performance.

Welcome to what a lot of us have known since ’08.  Obama is a fraud.  He is at best an accomplished actor, reading teleprompted scripts written by others with feigned feeling.  There was NOTHING in his behavior, history, presentation…ANYTHING that indicated to an aware observer that Obama was some kind of towering intellect.   The hiding of his school transcripts proves that.

One of the realizations from the debate is why Obama doesn’t meet with foreign heads of state, especially the ones he is having issues with.  He can’t deal with them any better than he could do with Romney and with state meetings, he doesn’t even get a moderator to run interference for him.  So he goes on the View instead to bask in the adulation of his worshipers.

Obama has NEVER been interested in the job of the presidency.  He is only interested in the trappings of royalty that come with it.

The reality is that he is simply not, and never has been, up to the job.

Obama’s Leg Humping, Lap Dog Media

Obama’s Democratic Propagandists in the Main Stream Media loves to refer to Obama’s wonderful 2008 campaign.  Actually, it wasn’t much (“Can’t I eat my WAFFLES!”) of a campaign.  Admittedly, McCain was awful.  The only reason he got any states at all was Palin pulling in the conservatives.  Otherwise he would probably have been shut out altogether.  But a miserable runner doesn’t need much skill when the pundits who are supposed to report on the race throw the miserable runner in the back of a pickup truck, run over the other runners and then drive him across the finish line.

Now they’re at it again.  (Again.  Still?)  Really, seriously, what is wrong with these people?  Obama is absolutely the worst president in history.  No other president actively avoided the actual job of being president like him.  (Jimmy Carter’s problem wasn’t not doing the job.  If anything, he tried to hard.  He just wasn’t up to it)  Obama has absolutely no interest in doing the actual job of president (chief executive of the executive branch)  All he’s interesting in is the trappings of a monarch and the adulation that go with it.  And the press is just as unwilling to do their job of holding him accountable, instead being perfectly willing to be his adulating worshipers.  Why?  No one every entered the White House before who’s very goal was to make the United States weaker and poorer.  Why exactly do those rich, pampered elitists hate the country so?

So is the Chevy Volt Obama’s Volkswagen?

Without, of course, all that Volkswagen was a success, stuff.

He’s already got his excuse in place

If Obama can’t fix the mess he supposedly inherited from Bush, what makes anyone think he can fix the mess he will inherit from himself?  But at least he’ll have a good excuse.

If Hillary is the surprise DNC speaker…

…I’ll try to look surprised.

If Obama announces she’s the VP, I’ll try to look shocked.

Surely the only person on Obama’s staff who thinks Biden is an asset is Obama.  Given his recent gaffes, I’m not sure Biden thinks he’s an asset.  He sounds more like somebody trying to get fired.

Next question….where in the world did the Democrats come up with the idea of Hillary as a savior?  The same place they came up with the idea of Obama as one?

A Post @ Ann Althouse’s House

Stuck this comment on an Ann Althouse post down at 9:08 PM.  It’s my response to people posting that the American Revolution was “anti-colonial”.

The American Revolutionaries were not “anti-colonial”. They were anti-monarchists. The Revolution started as a tax rebellion before it became an independence movement. But the Declaration of Independence was addressed directly at King George III.

What the Founders sought, the basis of classical liberalism, libertarianism, Tea Partyism, etc is the aversion to the concentration of power. The way to avoid concentrations of power is to delegate it to the smallest groups, namely individuals. The system of Checks and Balances, the Advice and Consent clause, the separate branches were all created to prevent the concentration of power and especially the re-establishment of a monarchy. Without constitutional restraint, it becomes possible for 51% of the population to vote the other 49% into slavery.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the goal of the so-called “Progressives”. The concentration of all power in the hands of a government run by “Progressives” that through the dictatorship of the proletariat, unrestrained by quaint concepts of constitutional constraints, enslave opposing minorities to their will. And Obama, the Most Arrogant Man In the World plans on being their King.

The question is not, “Does Obama still…”

From Hot Air “Rep. Landry: Does Obama still deserve Peace Prize after “amount of people he has killed”?”

The real question is, ‘When did he ever…deserve Peace Prize even before amount of people he has killed?’

So can we call Democrats “Monarchists” now?

From Ed Morrissey via Hot Air, another Democrat congressman calls for Obama to seize dictatorial power.  That the Great God Obama should simply ignore Constitutional restraints and begin enacting Democratic Party policies unilaterally (not to mention illegally).

I have called the Democratic Party the Party of Slavery for a long time.  Since 1826 the Democrats have pursued the power for one group of people to own another.  The Democrats were the Pro-Slavers before the Civil War.  They were the party in power in the Secessionist states that sought to destroy the United States to preserve their right to own people.  They were the party of Reconstruction Terror in the South.  They were the party of the Ku Klux Klan.  (can you spell Robert Byrd?)  And the Democrats are the party of “Progressivism” that has sought nothing less than the establishment of a political aristocracy, a political overlord class (aka The Democratic Party) ruling over an enslaved serf class (everyone else).

What the Democrats are pushing now is not just the rise of the political overlord class, but the establishment of a “Supreme Ruler” to reign over them.

That, boys and girls, is why I always put “Progressive” in quotes.  Because there is nothing progressive about the agenda of the political Left.  They want to take us back to the age of monarchs and (almost to difficult to write because I’m choking on an overabundance of sarcasm) “nobility”.


Speaking of black clouds…

Ya’ know how Roman Emperors used to be blamed for natural events that occurred during their reign (Vesuvius, anyone?), well there was an earthquake in Washington, DC.  Hurricane coming up the East Coast.  Floods, droughts.  GLOWBULL WARNING!!!  Oh, my.

Now the Naked Emperor, Barack the anti-Midas may not be a black cloud hovering over the country (yeah…right) but he sure seems to have a black cloud hovering over him, a la Joe Btfsplk.  And all I could think of is


Couldn’t happen to a bigger ego.

Ya’ know…maybe those natural disasters way back then were simply the gods telling the emperors to cool it.