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John Roberts is why people hate lawyers

Roberts’ rationalization of why the government can enslave the population through taxation is an excellent example of mealy mouthed legalistic mumbo jumbo that makes people not trust lawyers.

It may not be the Courts’ responsibility to protect Legislature or Executive branches from their own stupidity and incompetence.  It may not even be the Courts’ responsibility to protect the electorate from their laziness, shortsightedness and lack of interest.  But it is not the responsibility of the Court created by the Constitution to go out of its way to make up the excuses for an abusive Legislature.

So under the Roberts’ decision, it is still unconstitutional for Congress to make laws abridging freedom of speech, but is it unconstitutional for Congress to tax speech it disapproves of?  Or conversely, can Congress ‘tax’ people who do not say what Congress mandates to say?

Since liberals have no love of that freedom of speech clause in the Constitution, let’s use an example that they might identify with.  Infanticide is the inalienable right of women granted by no clause of the Constitution.  But it’s there.  They swear.  So no state can ban abortions.  But since the power to tax somehow is completely divorced from the behavior it affects, can a state tax abortion?  How about a $Billion tax on abortion services.  Per event.  Paid by the provider so it couldn’t be construed as interfering with the mother’s rights.  I bet that would change liberals’ perception of the ‘Taxation’ clause.

And now a question for the Chief ‘Justice’…what makes you think that the people who created the Constitution, who survived the American Revolution, who brought forth on this continent a new country conceived in liberty, would put in a clause giving the government unlimited power to tax?  Really?  The entire American Revolution started AS A TAX REVOLT!  If they believed in an all powerful, abusive government…they could have stayed British subjects.

So allow me to say that the Supreme Court’s decision, that is your decision, on the Affordable Care Act is a major fail.  Good job.  Your place in history is secure and the Leftists love you…for now.


Hyperbole alert

“Baghdad Bob” Gibbs dismissed the court finding that Obamacare is unconstitutional.


But Gateway Pundit calls it a “Stunner”.  I try to choke my way though Gateway Pundit.  Daily even.  But I sure do wish he would get over the over the top adjectives. On everything.  It’s only a stunner for people who aren’t paying attention.

Like the ones who think Clinton is still president.

Oh, wait

Remember, the real purpose of ObamaCare…

…is to drive the private health insurance industry out of business.

Who said Obama is a worthless failure.  ObamaCare is doing exactly what it is supposed to do…driving people to the government for healthcare.

The Definition of Autocracy

Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebalius told the insurance industry that companies that disagree with Obamacare’s terms may be cut out of the system.

This fits into the definition of autocracy as defined in Johan Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.  It’s not enough to unwillingly play by the rules.  You have to sell your soul to them.

The Democratic Party.  The Party of Slavery since 1826.  They have never outgrown that original impulse to own people.

The Rise of the Federal Empire

Historically, empires were created by acquiring control over territory.  The Democrats have now created an empire based on acquiring control over institutions.  But the goal is the same.


All consuming all encompassing power so that those in power can wield it without regard of consequences because they have anointed themselves The Chosen Ones.  Privileged by their own self-described superior intellect and moral character to rule all the little people.

First the financial industry.  Then the auto industry.  Obamacare is about conquering the entire medical industry.  Nationalization of the student loans industry and will give them dominance over all colleges and universities that depend on those loans.  There is movement to confiscate people’s 401-k savings accounts.  Dare I even mention Cap-and-Trade?

This has been growing for a long time with more and more little encroachments by the federal government into pretty much everything.  The Democrats have now thrown caution to the wind.  The are gunning to conquer everything.  They are on the road to dominate and control virtually every facet of everybody’s lives.

Into their laws they pour their cruelty, their malice, and their desire to rule all life in this country until the end of the world.

The Agony and the Ecstasy

The agony is the Democrats efforts to try to ram through something that can create the foundation for their communist healthcare system.

The Ecstasy is knowing that if they pass their devil’s brew of legislative bribes, kickbacks and payoffs, their situation will only get worse.

They think the polls are tanking because they haven’t passed anything (can you spell delusional?).  The reality is that they are tanking because they have tried.  And the worst thing they can do is succeed.

As Nelson Muntz says, “HAH-hah”

Paint some lipstick on that pig

Nebraska’s whore.

Hope he enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.  Of course he has lots of company in that respect.

Didn’t I tell ya’?

PelosiCare will put people in jail for not participating.

Democrats, the Party of Slavery.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

There’s principled…

…and then there’s stupid and gullible.

And the Republican House caucus is…?

They voted for the Stupid Stupak Amendment to the Trojan the Healthcare Industry Takeover Bill, banning it from funding abortion and thereby paving the way for the Democrats to pass the whole bill.  Because, according to the Republican anti-abortion caucus, “We don’t play politics with life.”

No stupid, BUT THE DEMOCRATS DO!  And principles aren’t supported by playing the fool.  The best way to keep Obamacare from funding abortion is to KILL THE HEALTHCARE TAKEOVER BILL!  GAWD!  I’m flaming in caps like Gateway Pundit!

Killing the bill is the only way to stop all of the bad provisions in the bill because the problem isn’t  the provisions.  It’s the entire bill itself.  Because a one sentence amendment to eliminate a clause can be undone by another one sentence clause buried in a another Democratic 1,000 page spending atrocity passed in the middle of the night because that’s the only way they can their trash passed.  Or as promised by the Democrats themselves, the amendment won’t even make it to Obama’s desk because it will be killed in conference committee.

Principles are served by WINNING!  If you have a priceless Ming Vase and somebody is trying to take it from you, you don’t defend it by HOLDING IT OUT IN FRONT OF YOU, MORONS!

Gee, and the Republicans can’t understand why people don’t identify with them anymore.

Oh, my!

Claire McCaskill voted against cloture in the Senate on the Obamacare Bill (aka, Trojan the healthcare industry takeover horse).   The opponents didn’t even need a fillibuster.  Reid didn’t even get a simple majority.

I’ll claim whatever credit I can for convincing the Good Senator to avoid the Dark Side of the Force.

I sent her another note.

Sen. McCaskill;

Credit where credit is due.

Thank you for voting against cloture on the Obamacare bill.

There are real reforms that can be applied to healthcare.  None of the bills currently in Congress address any of them.  This train wreck needed to stop.

very respectfully;

a Tea Partier

BTW: I could have signed it Mickey Mouse because you have to enter all of your personal information before it will go through.