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The Rise of the Federal Empire

Historically, empires were created by acquiring control over territory.  The Democrats have now created an empire based on acquiring control over institutions.  But the goal is the same.


All consuming all encompassing power so that those in power can wield it without regard of consequences because they have anointed themselves The Chosen Ones.  Privileged by their own self-described superior intellect and moral character to rule all the little people.

First the financial industry.  Then the auto industry.  Obamacare is about conquering the entire medical industry.  Nationalization of the student loans industry and will give them dominance over all colleges and universities that depend on those loans.  There is movement to confiscate people’s 401-k savings accounts.  Dare I even mention Cap-and-Trade?

This has been growing for a long time with more and more little encroachments by the federal government into pretty much everything.  The Democrats have now thrown caution to the wind.  The are gunning to conquer everything.  They are on the road to dominate and control virtually every facet of everybody’s lives.

Into their laws they pour their cruelty, their malice, and their desire to rule all life in this country until the end of the world.


One Party to rule them all, one Party to find them, one Party to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Paraphrased from the inscription on the Ring of Power in the Lord of the Rings.

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