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The Dealiest Thing Ever Created By Humankind

The deadliest thing ever created by humankind is government.

Sure guns are dangerous.  So are cars, and ladders.  But if you really want to rack up body counts in the tens and hundreds of millions, ya’ just gotta’ have a government.

So what do the good, gun grabbing Progressives offer us.  More government.

What have gun grabbing pro-government “Progressive” sorts given us?  Gulags and gas chambers.

What is the only counter to Murder by Government?  An armed populace.

I used to work with an anti-gun fanatic.  When I heard the news about the Newtown shooting, I figured the e-mail would show up in…3…2…1…”you have mail”.  I try to keep discussion with him civil, so I didn’t point out that he had far more responsibility for the killing of those kids than the gun supporters do.   If the gun supporters had been listened to, the crazy guy would never had made it to the classroom where the kids died.  Instead, the gun haters had the school put up signs saying, “Open season on our kids!”  It took 20 minutes for the police to show up.  This guy could have done the dirty deed with a baseball bat.  Do the gun haters care?  No.  They want more dead kids so they can ban guns and open up their gulags and gas chambers.

Umm.  No.  I don’t think they have the moral high ground.  They present arguments based on hatred and ignorance and the world will be the worse for it.

An armed society is a free society.  An unarmed society is a slave society.  Freedom is messy.  Slavery is unacceptable.

PS: Do you know that the origin of gun control in the United States was to keep blacks from arming themselves against the Ku Klux Klan in the South?  If you are a gun grabber, you travel with a fine crowd.  Chew on that.


Democracy is Slavery

Huh?  What?  Where did that come from?

Sounds like a job for a parable.

A hundred people find themselves stranded on a previously deserted island (because it wouldn’t be deserted after they landed).

They have a group discussion and agree that they should make all major decisions democratically.  The rules would be: All issues shall be decided by simple majority vote; all shall abide by the Will of the Majority; and all shall have the right to be heard.  Everyone swears an oath to support the Covenant.

Labor is divided, shelters are built, food is acquired and the community slowly pulls itself away from the dire straights it was in on Day 1.

Of course in every group of people, there are those who don’t feel they should have to work as hard as others, or they feel that others aren’t pulling their weight.  Some feel they shouldn’t have to work as hard as others, that they are entitled to special treatment.

One influential individual starts to organize those people, building on their grievances and eventually gets fifty members of the community to join his project.  He has some of his group call a community meeting.  At the meeting, a motion is made that a minority of slackers need to be made to carry their weight.  Those slackers would have to do what the majority said they needed to do and that the majority would identify the slackers after the vote.  This would be to ensure equality.

Obvious result – a minimum of 51 yeahs.  Doesn’t really matter how the rest vote.  Once the motion passes, the 51 enslave the other 49.  The 49 are required to do all of the work of supporting the community.  Everything they make will be redistributed to the others.  When the 49 start to complain, loudly, the majority tells them that they may not complain.  When the 49 insist on their right to speak under the Covenant, the majority says they are free to speak what the 51 tells them they can say because the Equality Law said so.  Dissent against Equality was a betrayal of their sworn oaths to abide by the Will of the Majority.

Sound familiar?

This is what GrouchoKarl Marx* meant by the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  This is what the Scottish philosopher Alexander Fraser Tytler meant when he wrote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”  And the public treasury is of course, other people’s wealth, labor and capital.

<sigh> Unfortunately, the United States is there.  The Democratic “Party of Slavery” has managed to get a majority of the community to enslave a convenient minority in the name of Equality, Redistribution and Entitlement.

The good thing is that the Democratic “Party of Slavery” has brought us to this point…again.  And that means that it may be possible to pull back from the brink…again.

The greatest days of the United States’ power an glory were after 12 years of FDR’s “Progressivism”**.

* I always get them confused.  Neither could be taken seriously.

** “Progressivism” in scare quotes because there is really nothing progressive about the Political Left’s agenda.



So can we call Democrats “Monarchists” now?

From Ed Morrissey via Hot Air, another Democrat congressman calls for Obama to seize dictatorial power.  That the Great God Obama should simply ignore Constitutional restraints and begin enacting Democratic Party policies unilaterally (not to mention illegally).

I have called the Democratic Party the Party of Slavery for a long time.  Since 1826 the Democrats have pursued the power for one group of people to own another.  The Democrats were the Pro-Slavers before the Civil War.  They were the party in power in the Secessionist states that sought to destroy the United States to preserve their right to own people.  They were the party of Reconstruction Terror in the South.  They were the party of the Ku Klux Klan.  (can you spell Robert Byrd?)  And the Democrats are the party of “Progressivism” that has sought nothing less than the establishment of a political aristocracy, a political overlord class (aka The Democratic Party) ruling over an enslaved serf class (everyone else).

What the Democrats are pushing now is not just the rise of the political overlord class, but the establishment of a “Supreme Ruler” to reign over them.

That, boys and girls, is why I always put “Progressive” in quotes.  Because there is nothing progressive about the agenda of the political Left.  They want to take us back to the age of monarchs and (almost to difficult to write because I’m choking on an overabundance of sarcasm) “nobility”.


Oxymoron of the Day

“Labor Movement”

The so called labor movement has nothing to do with helping labor.  It is the Union movement.  And like everything that falls under the “Progressive” umbrella, the only real goal is more power for the powerful.  A return to feudal days with a self appointed ‘ignobility’.

Party of Dinosaurs

Horace Cooper at Pajamas Media observes the resistance of the Democratic leadership to bend with the coming whirlwind they have sown.  He attributes it to obstinance.  But really it is the inability of the Left to even conceive of anything besides the Liberal Playbook that they have pursued for a century now.

I first noticed this listening to just about anything coming out of the mouth of a labor mafia (aka, labor union) goon.  No matter what the topic, not matter what the position, it always sounds like they are talking about something happening in the 1920’s.  That is where they are stuck.  The Communists governments suffered the same problems.  They were all built on “The Revolution!”  Seventy years after the revolution, most of the world had moved on to other things.  But the only justification for the failures and abuses of the communist governments were, “The Revolution!”  And so you got the picture of the Soviet Union, simultaneously damning the bourgeois intelligentsia as counter-revolutionary elitists while becoming increasingly dependent on them to try to kick start their moribund economy into the modern era where the evil capitalists had gone.  Likewise, they depended on “The Revolution!” mantra to demonize the extinct corruption of monarchs and dictators long dead in order to hide their own personal corruptions.

The American Left has the same blindness.  (Well, in reality, they are essentially the same political philosophy.)  Obama must have been suckled on liberal playbook.  Every place he went through his life reinforced his belief in the liberal agenda.  Other leftist Democratic leaders are equally imbued with that image of the Earthly Utopia that would be brought about by the “Progressive” agenda.  Hence their refusal to compromise.  Hence their refusal to change course when the unpopularity of their agenda became clear.  Hence their inability to even acknowledge that unpopularity, because the essence of the liberal agenda is that it is for, “The People!”, those ignorant ingrates.

Oh, the irony that the so called “Progressives” really more than anything else want to bring back…what?  1910?  1920?  And I expect nothing to change.  The insane leftists will be driven into the deepest liberal enclaves.  The sane leftists will, as they did for decades before, hide their true agenda.  They will quietly bide their time until the next time people forget what they really stand for.  Then once again they will march forth to present the solutions to whatever was bothering Woodrow Wilson way back when.

Taxes for Thee but not for Me

If paying taxes is patriotic, what should we make of the Obama “Government of Tax Cheaters”?

Tom Daschle with has been added to “The Most Tax Corrupt Administration Ever”. Turns out that he had a $100,000 tax bill that he considered himself too good to have to pay.

I’ve never had much sympathy for the Wesley Snipes, Willy Nelson, etc. who get nailed for tax evasion. Much as I don’t like taxes… As unbridled corrupt as the system is… taxes are real. If you make money, you KNOW that the tax man wants a piece of it. If you make lots of money, you get to hire accountants to minimize what the tax man getteth. But you don’t get to just ignore it.

Is it just me, or is there some truly profound message in the fact that the “Party of Higher Taxes” has so many members who think “Except for Me”? Is it highlighting the unbridled arrogance of people who truly believe that they are some type of higher class (in the traditional blue blood, Kennedyesque, not really of the same species sense) of people anointed by some higher power (Gaia? Their infinite sense of self-worth?) to rule the lower class plebes? Privileged by assuming that ‘burden’ to not be bound by the rules they impose on their lower class wards? Warren Buffet says taxes are too low while he pays an army of accountants to protect his wealth. What a blowhard hypocrite. If he truly believed that, he could fire the accountants, write a big check to the government, and then tell us we don’t pay enough.

Taxes to these people are not a mechanism to pay for government. If that were true, they would be more willing to pay them. It is a form of government. Just as the torture chambers of Saddam’s Republic of Fear were used to keep the riff raff in their place, Leftists use taxes to keep the opposition in its place. Classic Stalinist communism. Steal everything. Give it back to maintain the minimum level of societal function to keep the plebes quiet, reward obedience, and distribute the rest among the ruling nomenklatura* as payment for their ‘sacrifice’. Leftists see no reason to pay taxes because they see no need for them to control themselves.

I’ve said it before, so let’s sing it again.
Chorus: “There is nothing liberal about the Left. There is nothing Progressive about the Left.”

The Democrats are not Liberals. The Democrats are not Progressive.

The attitude of these people who are assuming power in the Obama administration and the congressional majority is the antithesis of the egalitarian philosophies of the liberals who cast off the monarchy to create the republic.

Paying taxes may in fact be patriotic (hat tip to Joe “Foot-in-mouth” Biden). But espousing higher taxation as a means of control, especially while assuming one too privileged to pay themselves, may be treason to the fundamental philosophy on which a free and open society is built.

* Nomenklatura – Soviet Union ruling elite. aka: Communist party bigwigs.

One more time with feeling

I said it before and I’ll say it again.  There is nothing “Progressive” about the political left.  I keep reading articles by conservative and rightish bloggers who use “progressive’ to reference the political left.  It’s like calling career criminals people who practice an ‘alternate lifestyle’ or serial rapists men who enjoy the company of women.  “Progressive” should be reserved for people who actually, like, want to see progress.  Not used to identify luddites, marxists, anti-humans and other degenerates.