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Reform 6: Leveling Clause


Change the title of the Speaker of the House to the President of the House.  Change the title of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to the President of the Supreme Court.  Add Article 0, “The federal government shall consist of three separate and equal branches.


The head of the Senate is already the President of the Senate and I earlier recommended getting rid of the Vice President position so the President of the Senate would become a full time, real position now filled by the majority leader.  It’s harder for the president to act like a king when there are four presidents in the government and the constitution explicitly states that none are subordinate.



Reminder: The Vice President has absolutely NO power in the United States except breaking tie votes in the Senate.


Descriptions of the Vice President as a deputy or Assistant to the president are wrong. At most, they can be advisers. But they don’t have to be VP to do that. The only real job of the VP is to take the P’s pulse regularly. When they can’t find it, they become the P.

Ryan needs to stay in the House where he stands a good chance of getting a committee chairmanship, or even a Speakership where he would have real influence. Besides, The Opinionator’s Rules of Presidents is they should be governors first. NEVER pick a congress critter to run for president. Look what we got last time.