My mother was going to call me J.  She wanted me to have the same name as my father, but I wasn’t going to be a junior.  So her plan was to give me my father’s name and call me by the first initial.  That plan lasted about a half hour.  Other people had other ideas.  So I was ‘Little’ and my father was ‘Big’…until I got to outweighing him by a factor of two.  He objected ‘Young’ and ‘Old’…because he was the ‘Old’.  ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior’ was officially excluded because of different middle names.  This has been as source of great confusion in my life.  It may, in fact, explain a lot.

So I’m nom de pluming as J.  Here’s to you mom.

I am a political conservative.  I talk a mean social conservative streak, but am really a traditionalist.  I’m going to capitalize that, “Traditionalist”.  Make it a new political party I will.

I am a Constitutionalist, which follows from being a traditionalist.  Nobody has convinced me that there is a better approach to government than the one the Founding Fathers created.   Electoral College?  Love it.  Because the president is elected by the states.  It is after all, the United States, not the United People.  The Electoral College represents not just the people of the country, but the regions of the country.  The Founding Fathers after all not only recognized the failings of autocracies, they recognized the limitations of democracies.

See…that’s how a Traditionalist thinks.


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