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Enjoying it while it lasts

I’ve been off this week…because I’m always off between Christmas and New Years.  Seemed like a good time to enjoy the benefits of the Evil American Health Care System.

I went to my primary healthcare provider on Tuesday for a checkup and to complain about my left arm going numb.  (very tingly.  Not very enjoyable)  I had to wait in the waiting room almost FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!  I didn’t even get time to finish the tune on the iPhone.  This system is inhuman.  After going through all the checkup things, my doctor prescribed a set X-rays and MRI to check out the spinal column.  He went out to the front desk and they came back with appointments that required waiting LESS THAN 24 HOURS.  What? Do they think we can just run from one medical establishment to another on a whim?  Where’s the 9 month wait that the glorious socialist healthcare systems provide?  I’m have faith that Obamacare will eventually give us the European healthcare system we so richly deserve.

This was also my first experience with the dreaded MRI.  It was an open sided MRI as opposed to the cigar tube that I had little to no likelihood of being able to fit into.  So I ended up laying on the table stuck between two massive round plates that looked uncomfortably like the big 50,000 ton drop presses they used to have at work.  Nothing disconcerting about being locked into a machine that looks like it could press me flatter than paper.   And then there is the noise.  I kept thinking that if I opened up the machine, I would find an Energizer Bunny holding a horseshoe magnet and a compass (transmitter and receiver) amongst an orchestra of devices designed to make expensive sounding noises.  Kind of like the “Machine that goes ‘ping‘” in Monte Python’s Meaning of Life movie.  It’s a strange sensation because it’s a combination of sensory deprivation and hypnosis.  I can’t really see anything except the blank beige surface about four inches from my eyes.  Lying absolutely still tends to make the body lose track of where its pieces are.  And while there was nice classical music playing (the MRI tech took requests) it was usually drowned out by the expensive sounding throbbing of the MRI.  It was causing disorientation after a half hour.  I was ready for it to be over by the end.

And since I’m meandering medically, I’ll make a call out to the staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.  The receptionists and techs were top notch.  Short of serving coffee and giving back rubs, they couldn’t have been more pleasant and professional.

So what did you do on your Christmas Vacation?


The Rebellion against the [Federal] Empire has begun

The conservative legal community (yeah, there is one.  Really.) is sharping its lances and polishing its shields for battle with the Dragon of the Democratic Party’s healthcare takeover.  They’ll probably want money.  Be prepared to support.

Are we slaves?

Claire McCaskill has turned Missouri into a vassel state. Missourians will have tax money stolen at the point of a gun in order to pay Ben Nelson’s bribe money.  Nebraska gets a free ride.  Thanks Claire.

Sen. McCaskill;

Kill the Bill.

You voted for Missouri taxpayers to be robbed of their income to pay for Ben Nelson’s and Mary Landrieu’s bribes to get them to vote for the Obamacare abomination?  Nebraska gets its Medicare paid for.  Who pays for Missouri’s?  Are we going to borrow it from China like the rest of the federal budget?

If it is not your intent to turn the United States into a stinking rotting corpse of a bankrupt third world nation ruled by corruptocrats and political payoffs, why are you supporting this?

Do you really want your legacy to be legislation so corrupt and evil it has to be passed in the middle of night so nobody can see its hideousness?

Your job is to represent your constituents who are speaking very plainly.  Kill the Bill.

My notes to the ‘good senator’ are increasingly less polite.  But then, look at what she’s doing.

Democratic Party is the Party of Whores.  Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery.  Democratic Party will be the death of the Nation.  Like every tinhorn dictator in history, they don’t care what ruin they cause as long as they are the ones ruling it.  They’ll take care of themselves first.  An that’s all that really matters.

Paint some lipstick on that pig

Nebraska’s whore.

Hope he enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.  Of course he has lots of company in that respect.

If you thought Tea Parties were “uncivil”

just wait for the reaction to Communist Health Care.

Once again the Democratic Party will inflict civil war on the United States.

At least they are consistent.

The thrill is gone

President Barack “diapers” Obama was thoroughly snubbed by his superiors from China. To the best of my knowledge, this has never happened before in recent history. Before Obama, nobody would refuse to meet with the President of the United States unless we were at or near a state of war with them. And before Obama, presidents, even Carter, knew that there was importance in the timing, placement and preparation for meeting other heads of state. Not this fool. He had to gatecrash meetings he wasn’t invited to because he simply wasn’t considered a player.

Now, for comparison.  In the waning days of the Dubya administration as the credit crisis apparently reached crisis proportions, Bush snapped his fingers and the G-8 raced to Washington, D.C. to sit at his feet because they were scared and they knew that Bush would do something.  Maybe they didn’t like him or his policies.  But they knew he would get something done.

In 11 months, the world has learned that Obama cannot do anything.  He is utterly devoid of the capacity to accomplish anything.  And don’t give me that crap about how he won the Presidential campaign against all odds.  He won by being carried virtually the entire race on a litter carried by the liberal media blinded by the concept of the First Black President no matter who.  That doesn’t make for a great runner.  It makes for a great passenger.

So he makes his great empty speeches to the latest international gathering of the Communist Party…and everyone dismisses it.  Because he is going to have to go home and try to convince Congress act on his empty rhetoric and they won’t.  You think the Tea Partiers were cranked up this year?  Wait until the Democrats try to borrow $100 Billion from the Chinese so we can give them their own money to pay for “Climate Change”.

I can’t wait.

A deal in Copenhagen?

The proposal is that the United States will pay the Chinese $100 Billion. Don’t suppose it occurred to the fools that the US can’t pay $100 Billion to the Chinese unless we borrow it from them first.

Can’t wait for the townhall meetings after that one hits the street. The Chinese have stripped the United States of manufacturing and we’re supposed to pay for their…well heck…anything.

It simply cannot be repeated enough times. If the Democrat’s avowed purpose was to destroy the United States, what would they be doing differently?

There just isn’t enough popcorn in the world

Remember 11 months ago when everything seemed lost?

Civil war looms between the House and Senate Democrats. It’s only fair. Last time they caused the Civil War between the North and South and killed 600,000 people. This time, the rest of us get to just sit back and watch.

Sen. Tom Coburn sets off a small tactical nuke in the Hallowed Hall of the Senate.  He made them read Communist Bernie Sanders’ amendment to the Health Industry Takeover Bill. Out loud. What unspeakable gall.

The Environazis are self destructing in Copenhagen. Their cruelty, their malice, and their desire to rule all life on Earth unto the Ending of the World is running afoul of the fact that they are all a bunch of morons trying to win an argument about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and claiming they have the science to prove it…and anybody who disagrees with them is a barbarian

On that second note, the Democrats proved beyond any shadow of a doubt why the public support of the ObamaCareless bill is so low.  Nobody trusts them.  Comrade Bernie withdrew his bill because he knew it wasn’t going to pass if anybody had an idea what was in it.  Then they stopped the reading.  This was in direct violation of Senate rules that required that the bill be read in its entirety unless a unanimous vote of members allow it to be stopped.  Nobody trusts the Democrats because they lie, cheat and break the rules to suit whatever little pique they have going at the moment.  It doesn’t matter what they promise today, they’ll break that promise tomorrow.  Add a clause to unfund abortion?  It will be fixed the day after the bill goes through.  Don’t pay for illegal immigrants?  That will last about a week.  Not absorb  1/6th of the country’s economy into the Federal Empire?  Yeah, right.  Who doesn’t think that’s their goal?

Update: Via Instapundit, Charlie Foxtrot sees the lack of trust issue.

The world is changed.

We feel it in the water.
We feel it in the Earth.
We smell it in the air.
Much that once was is lost.
For few now live who remember it. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.
Greatness became legend, the Shining City on the Hill became myth and for two and a half centuries, Liberty passed out of all knowledge.

It began with the creation of The Constitution.
Three branches were given to the Federal Government:
Balanced, defined and limited.

Thirteen governments were given to the States:
With powers not specifically delegated to the Federal Government.

And all other powers were given to the People who,
above all else, desired to be free.

For within all of them was bound the strength
and the will to govern the Nation.

But they were, all of them, deceived;
for The One Party was made.
In the Name of Progress,
The Party promoted its Cause.

And The Party poured into this Cause its cruelty, its malice
and its will to dominate all life on this Earth
unto the ending of the World.

The One Party to rule them all.

One by one, institutions fell to the power of The Party.  Unions, universities, media and other shiftless agents were drawn to the promises of power and money stolen from the effort of others.  Creation became corruption.  Enterprise became entitlement.  And the Party gathered all power to itself in Washington.

All seemed lost.

Then the People began to reassert their power.  At Tea Parties and Townhalls, they challenged the power of the One Party and made themselves heard.  For the powers granted them came not from the Constitution that had been perverted beyond recognition by the One Party.  It came from their own will.

For the Constitution, the giver of all Law, had been first and foremost delegated by them to serve them.  It is ultimately the duty of the People, not the police, the courts or the politicians, to defend the Constitution from succumbing to darkness and service to the One Power.


We have already established that Obama was probably a waste as a professor. Now we know how anybody passed his class. He was an easy grader.