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The mainstream press, pretty much leftists* all, has assumed the position of the jewish trustees in the concentration camps.  Out loud they tell the masses, “Everything will be better if we just cooperate.  Please head for the showers.”  In secret they think, “If I’m the last in line, maybe they will run out of gas.”

What drove them mad?  True the press has been notoriously leftist and biased for pretty much forever.  But the madness that consumed them during the election of ’08 was over the top, even for them.  But what drove them to sacrifice the last pathetic shreds of integrity to appoint the empty slogan spouting empty suit do nothing know nothing to the White House?  The answer I believe is that around March of ’08, they succumbed in some mass hysterical, shared hallucinatory way to one thought that True Leftists could not possibly resist.

Obama could be The First Black President.

Nothing mattered after that.  Nothing consumes the consciousness of a leftist more than race.  It supersedes class warfare, it dwarfs they typical hatred of the United States, it’s worth the sacrifice of 51% of the population through the most craven misogyny.  Once that Magical Thought got stuck in their collective heads, their entire existence was to make That happen.  Qualifications didn’t matter…they would make that up.  Speeches of endless empty slogans…they would add the substance.  Ties to one of the most corrupt political machines in the country, hatemongering pastors, openly anti-American bomb-throwing acquaintences…”Move along folks.  Nothing to see here.”

Where will this lead?  Dunno.  But the press’ contribution to the unfolding disaster of the next few years should not be forgotten.



By way of Don Surber, the New York Times reports that Germany is not happy with the United States.  It seems that after openly endorsing Obama as president, they are less than pleased with his administration’s attitude towards them.  Poor babies.

The Germans have a word for my feelings towards their angst (which I believe is yet another german word).


The Germans and most of Western Europe were unspeakably hateful to the one man who was and always will be their friend and who sacrificed all of his reputation to support and defend the principles they claim for themselves. Instead they fawned over the narcissistic empty suit who’s sole asset was his image…a pretty face that could read teleprompters with passion. So now they’ve got their Messiah, who dismisses them as rubes. Who’s personal world view and political philosophy identifies not with the progress that was West Germany, but the regression that was East Germany. So I laugh at the Germans’ confusion with their new God.

The Germans, of all the people in world should be aware of the dangers of following a charismatic messianic leader who writes self-aggrandizing autobiographies before they ever accomplish anything.  To paraphrase an old saw:  Fool them once, shame on him.  Fool them twice, shame on them.

Just had to add…

New position is actually going to involve working.  Posting will be sparser, but probably just as bad.

But I wanted to get the word out.