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I consider that rumor confirmed

I posted a while back*:

Way back in the early days of the campaign, I remember reading someone’s description of an Obama staff meeting. The source (and this is one of Obama’s friends and supporters talking, mind you) said that in an Obama staff meeting, you are there to listen. Obama does the talking.

His performance at his Healthcare Takeover Summit pretty thoroughly backed up that story.  Not only did Obama talk more than anybody else, he talked more than either all the Republicans or all the other Democrats.  He was absolutely in transmit mode only.  He is a dictator.  You can see why he fawns over the likes of Hugo Chavez and Castro.  They never have to put up with the effrontery he had to put up with…actually being expected to listen to opinions that were not his.  Having to listen to counter-arguments that didn’t confirm His greatness.

Obama proves with every passing day how totally unfit he is for the Presidency.  Now unlike the frothing hate filled lefties who wished every possible calamity on Dubya, I don’t hate Obama.  I just don’t have a shred of respect for him.  I want him out of office.  Now.  His place in history is secure as the worst president ever.  He can go live in his beloved Cuba or Venezuela or some such place and bask in the delusions of His own Awesomeness.   I am not afraid of Slow Joe playing court jester until 2012.

*Yeah, I’m quoting myself.  Sue me.


It’s not a bug – it’s a feature!

Oh, man…talking about loosing the momentum.  I get to way too opinionate way too little now, like once a week.  It doesn’t help that WordPress is…how’s the polite way to say this…uncooperative.  I put this missive together in 15 minutes between gym and work, hit Publish, and…nothing.  Error message and the edit page was blank.  Now I see it has come back as a draft so I will post it like it was a current event.

I assume there are some faithful ones of readers who produce a trickle of readers during these dry spells.  That and the casual random hit.  But to those who actually want to be here to see what’s up, I believe if you hit the RSS link on the right column, it will let you put a link in a regular home page so you will get pinged when I have something new to say.  Because…like…it’s not like I don’t have something to say.  I just don’t have time to say it.

Anyway back to opinionating that was so rudely interrupted a few days back.

Epiphany time.

Ran across this post at Gateway Pundit on Bohner’s latest YouTube video criticizing the Stimulus bill for wasteful spending, and finally…


I got it!  The entire purpose of the Stimulus bill was not to actually do anything.  It’s not about incompetence (not completely), it’s not about corruption and paying off political cronies (well, not completely), it’s not about the inherent inefficiencies of government programs (although that is an inevitable part).

It’s about the Democrats really honestly and truly not having a clue about what makes an economy run.  It’s a child driving a car without the slightest clue what the rules of the road are or the where the brake pedal is or does.  It’s an illiterate sitting in front of a word processor.  It is the embodiment of how the Democrats see the world working.  The government spends money…on anything…and goodness comes from that.  Paying money borrowed from China to pay for casino workers who are already able to deal with confrontational customers to learn how to deal with confrontational customers makes sense to the Democrats because the government did it.   As Victor Davis Hanson at PajamasMedia just pointed out, the idea of having to build factories and stores and get people to produce useful things is beyond their intellectual capacity.  They are incapable of differentiating between the useless and the useful.  It is the end result of moral equivalence.  They are incapable of judging anything.  They cannot differentiate between Good and Evil.  They cannot differentiate between Right and Wrong.  They cannot differentiate between productivity and waste.  Just as a lifetime of sloth will atrophy the body, a lifetime of moral equivalence will atrophy judgment.

The Liberals can’t differentiate between Good Policy and Bad Policy.  Their is only Their Policy.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing else registers.

It’s all clear now.

This is a test

Because WordPress ate my homework this morning.

RSS feed enabled

I enabled RSS feed (yeah, I know.  I already said that) on the bottom of the right column.  Somebody tell me what it does.

To digress again

I posted to the Art of Manliness website some time back.  I tried this out…the James Bond shower, best described as hot wash, cold rinse.

Let me say, “Aaah”.


Let me say “AAAHHH!” in slightly higher pitch.

I read many of the original Ian Fleming books ages ago.  I don’t remember the part about the James Bond shower, also known as the Scottish shower.  I’m sure it has something to do with showering under a tea kettle back in the bad old days.  The tea kettle will give you just enough water to lather up, then the lather down…MY! That’s bracing…and yet curiously habit forming.  Of course the real trick…the manly part…is to not catch your breath, hold your breath, hyperventilate, jump up and down, try to break the sound barrier to finish up quicker, or express any other sign of having cold water dump all over you.

One of the advantage, besides being really awake when you’re done, is it actually provide some acclimation to the cold winter air.

So to my ones of readers…this is the mission, should you decide to accept it.  Try the Scottish shower and tell me if it makes the cold air more bearable.  No excuses now.  There are no warm places in the country.  #$^%&! Global Warming.

Laughing at the Superior Intellect – update

What’s wrong with the Obama presidency?


What could Obama have done to avoid the predicament he’s in?

Not run.

Much of the World’s Greatest Intellect’s loss of interest in the presidency would have been avoided if it had just read the Presidential Job Description and read off the teleprompter it keeps at home, “What? The office doesn’t come with a crown?” Because, apparently, the greatest intellect ever to grace humanity with its presence in all the time that it taught constitutional law, never bothered to actually read the Constitution. Had it done so, it might have understood that the President only runs the executive branch of the federal government. Congress does not answer to the President. The Supreme Court does not answer to the President. And absolutely most importantly, We The People do not answer to the President.

Way back in the early days of the campaign, I remember reading someone’s description of an Obama staff meeting. The source (and this is one of Obama’s friends and supporters talking, mind you) said that in an Obama staff meeting, you are there to listen. Obama does the talking.

Obama is by nature an autocrat. A dictator. He holds himself up as the superior intellect. He has no need to change. He is by definition perfect. He has no need to learn. He already knows everything. All of the opposition to his policies are unacceptable because they are His policies.

And the real big gaping hole in Obama’s whole “superior intellect” shtick and the justification for his expectation that the world is just supposed to bow and scrape before his wisdom? Intellect is not what you know. Intellect is what you can figure out.

Obama can’t figure that out.

I’m laughing at the superior intellect.

Update: Even if intellect was about how much you know he’d be out of luck. What Obama’s endless public appearances have proven beyond a doubt is that he knows nothing about anything except leftist dogma.

Update: Did I overstate my position calling Obama a dictator?  Not according to Sharp Elbows.

To digress a little bit

I’ve been trying new things of late…and no I’m not going blind.

I’ve been doing the double ended candle thing and running behind on sleep.  This is complicated by working out heavy in the morning before breakfast.  This gets me all pumped up (yeah, right) but by the time I get home, get ready and get to work, the pump is off and the body goes, “NAP TIME!”  So I have been trying the energy drink thing.

So somebody tell me how that Five Hour Energy drink stuff works.  There is some caffeine in it.  But so did the three and a half gallons of coffee I go through in a day.  If stimulants were going to work (and I’m sure there is a tangent I could go off on there, but I just can’t think of it) that should have done it.

So anyway, I tried the Five Hour Energy drink.  Problem?  Eyes dry out because I don’t need to blink.  It would seem to work.  Problem?  It’s about a nine hour day so the last few hours can still get a little draggy.  Hmmpphh.  Essentially no calories and no carbs (good diabetic stuff).  Problem?  $3.00 a bottle for a two once bottle!  Great.  All I need is a $3.00 a day energy drink habit.  I did try a big can of energy drink with that guarana stuff (‘cuz the snack bar at work didn’t stock the Five Hour stuff).  Problem?  It tasted eeehhh.  It’s a huge can of eeehhh to drink.  And it didn’t work.  ‘Cuz if a stimulant was going to work, the three and a half gallons of coffee I go through in a day would have worked.  Did I mention that already?  There are other little bottles of energy stuff next to the Five Hour stuff.  Problem?  It’s not my precious, precious.

Can you develop a tolerance to the stuff?  Have the $3.00 a day habit grow into a $6.00 a day habit?  Or, heaven forbid, a $9.00 a day monkey on my back?

Go to bed earlier?  Ppphhttt…  I have to stay up and entertain my ones of readers.

Sarah’s hand

The row over Sarah Palin writing a note on her hand proves once again the intellectual vacuum libtards live in. They completely miss the real meaning of the noted palm…that’s how people who get things done get things done. She wanted to make a note (because REAL intellects can speak with a couple lines on their hands as opposed to faux-intellects who have to read stuff written by others off a teleprompter and even then misreads it) and she made the note quickly where she would see it with the least amount of muss or fuss. No faux-intellectual libtard can even comprehend such an elegant solution to a problem.

Better yet of course was Sarah’s palm note the next day in Texas. Somebody provided the translation that “Hi, Mom” is palm for “Bite me” to the libtards. Absolutely Churchillian in its subtlety. So much more classy than the Teleprompter Misreader Of The United States’ juvenile flipping off opponents by rubbing his nose with his middle finger. The Left might want to take it easy putting down Palin because no matter where she is on the intellectual spectrum she’s light-years beyond them.

Haven’t gone away

Just busy. But it really is harder to rag on mind numbing ineptitude rather than outright evil. The Left has proven their intellectual bankruptcy. Now could they just go away.

The Million Drum March

Sarah Palin is on a Tea Party speaking tour of the country that is supposed to culminate in a Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, DC?

I have a suggestion.

No.  Not my Million Gun March.  That didn’t seem to hit it off too well with my ones of readers.


This time my suggestion is the Million Drum March.  Oh, yeah.

Imagine if you will tens of thousands of people…  No.  Let’s dream BIG.

Imagine if you will hundreds of thousands of people showing up in the Mall in Washington, DC with anything they can bang together.  Real drums?  Great!  Pots and pans?  Great!  Two boards hinged together to make a clapper?  Great!  Two sticks without a hinge to bang together?  Great!  Anything that can produce a distinct.  sharp.  noise.  Oh, Yeah…

Some way needs to be found to coordinate the beat.  In a large crowd, it can take a noticeable amount of time for sound to travel from one side to the other.  So a way needs to be be arranged so that the beat starts at the outskirts of the crowd and then moving in towards the capital in a wave.  At multiple points around the perimeter, leaders need to set a synchronous  beat.  From the side of the crowd, it would sound like a long rolling rumble.  But the people inside the crowd synchronize to the sound as it hits them from the nearest point on the perimeter, picking up the beat and amplifying the wave as it moves toward the Capitol.

Now frankly, my first choice would be a spear and shield like the big battle scene in the movie Zulu* because I have issues with the colonizers in the Capitol occupying my country…but the local constabulary might take umbridge at the spear.  I might skip the loincloth, too since Washington can be a bit nippy in April.

But the drums would be the theme, and the goal is simple.







You betcha’.

* Micheal Caine, Jack Hawkins; 1964