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He’s not running

Despite all the breathless news reporting to the contrary, or the Donald’s own statements, he’s not running for president. There is no way he wants to work that hard. He’s a carnival barker, not world leader, despite the dimwits in the press not being able to tell the difference between celebrity and leadership. He wants to leave that hard work to somebody else. What he is really doing is ensuring that after Jan 20, 2013 Obama isn’t that somebody.

Maybe Trump has been a closet Republican all these years. Maybe he is a die hard patriot and realizes the damage Obama’s incompetence and corruption has done to the country. Maybe Obama stiffed him for some change. Doesn’t matter. Trump is going to push Obama’s ratings down by putting the same pressure on him that Bush had to put up with for eight years. But Bush was a competent, classy, mature adult and dealt with the onslaught of leftist hate-mongering stoically. Obama is an incompetent, whiny adolescent who will throw tantrums when heHe doesn’t get the adulation heHe believes heHe’s entitled to because heHe’s so awesome.  If he was a tenth as smart as his worshipers wish he was, he would have released the birth certificate ages ago.  It was a big nothing.  Instead, he put on an juvenile, “You can’t make me.” hissy fit for three years and now it’s come back to bite him.  Another self-imposed error by the Left’s demigod (demoted from the Left’s God of two years ago).

Trump doesn’t want to be president.  He is prepping the presidential battlefield for somebody else.  He may not be intending to help the Republicans.  He may be using the Republican platform to try to get a Democrat to primary His Awesomeness.  Either way, works for me.


Barack Antionette

Obama supposedly told a reporter who had asked what people should do in the face of high gasoline prices that they should trade in their gas guzzler for a more efficient car. Powerline has the quote.

Marie Antoinette supposedly said, “Let them eat cake.”  Barry said, “Let them eat small cake.”

If the crap for brains in chief could do simple arithmetic, he would know that if you are struggling to buy gas, you don’t have money to buy cars.

All part of the Democrat’s Policy of National Energy Suicide.

The limits of incompetence

Obama apologists have tried the “don’t blame on malevolence what can be attributed to incompetence.”  Obama has worn that one out.

Here’s my take.

Obama is the only president of the United States in history who as a matter of policy and philosophy is actively working to make the United States weaker, poorer and irrelevant.

How venal his supports must be.