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The solution is so obvious, it hurts

Dr. Zero at Hot Air makes another of the near infinite cases for term limits.

Unlimited tenure not only corrupts the officeholder, it corrupts the electorate who like Pavlov’s dog pull the lever for the incumbent irregardless of their lack of character, record of corruption and sleaze or outright criminal history.  The electorate is corrupted by a competitive system that pits one district’s or state’s seniority against another’s to see who can steal the most from the public coffers and ‘bring home the bacon’.

The strategy to bring this about is simple and has worked before.  The state legislatures start passing resolutions calling for a constitutional convention for the purpose of establishing term limits for Congress (I would also push for term limits for Supreme Court justices as well).  It takes two thirds of the states to convene the convention.  Congress gets nervous when a call for a constitutional convention starts gaining momentum because the convention has no bounds.  It can get together and propose a whole new document and who knows where that would go.  Then Congress passes the desired amendment to take the wind out of the sails of the convention movement.  This was how the states pressured Congress to pass the 17th Amendment which changed the way senators were elected.  This is what it will take to impose term limits on Congress.

The law in unintended consequences will undoubtedly apply to term limits just like it does any other major form of legislation.  But Congress is broken. The very concept of representative government is threatened as the entrenched political machine, drunk with its own sense of importance and insane with its insatiable quest for power, passes massive restructuring of the country’s society in bills it has not read and in many cases even written yet.  Yup.  Congress votes for a bill’s title and then staff members stuff laws into it after it has passed.  There is no way that is constitutional.  This has to end.

So as appealing as the idea of bring tar, feathers and political whores together is, the correct course of action is term limits.


Obama on ‘Victory’

Obama, from RealClearPolitics, “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory,’ because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur”.

For anyone with a hint of historical perspective, the ignorance exhibited by that statement by the person the Main Stream Media sold to us as “The Smartest Entity Ever” is staggering.  But I digress.

Perhaps what he should aim for instead of ‘victory in Afghanistan’ is ‘I Won in Afghanistan’.  Surely that can’t offend his sensibilities.

Drudge: ‘This is a president who needs a vacation’

No.  This is a president who needs a replacement.

How do you know Obama’s lying?

He inhaled.

Whatever comes out is going to be dishonest…even if his lips don’t move.

I hate it when I get home and the wife is watching the evening democratic propaganda.  It doesn’t give me a chance to relax.  I get home today and the Teleprompter Reader Of The United States is having a townhall meeting to convince people to sell their souls to the government.  The Democrats are going after people’s souls because the Porkulus Bill already bought their children.  Anyway, the TROTUS is carrying on about how if any of the blue dog congressmen don’t believe what’s in the ObamaCare bill, then they can just come over to the White House and he’ll go over it with them line by line.

Is it even possible for him to understand how juvenile that sounds?

  1. He’s never read it.  He doesn’t know what’s in it.  He doesn’t care as long as something with his name on it is passed by Congress so he can take credit for it.
  2. It’s over a thousand page long.  How many line items is that?  10,000?  50,000?  How long would it take to go through that carefully.  Days?  Weeks?  Curiously, it would take far longer to study it than it took for the Democrats to throw the peice of trash together in the fist place.  It’s amazing how fast a peice of legisltation can grow when you have absolutely no concern for what’s in it.  And it explains why the Democrats are so determined not to give anybody the days or weeks needed to study it.
  3. To throw out such a ridiculous scenario that EVERYONE knows is just noise is just acting stupidly.  Much of Obama’s loss of popular opinion is because people are starting to figure just how much a contributor ot global warming he is.

Obama is flippant because he lacks the understanding to be serious.  He throws out lines unworthy of a bad stand-up comedian because he assumes the press will cover for him (they always have in the past).  He is incapable of making reasoned arguments for this (or any other subject) because he is simply not involved in it.  National Healthcare has been dogma to the Left for his entire life.  Everything he knows is liberal dogma.  Anything beyond that is simply beyond his understanding.  Remember, this is a guy who never ran so much as a lemonade stand in his life.  Why are people surprised that he is floundering so badly.

Rush Limbaugh’s prophecy come true

He said he would wish Obama to fail if his programs would damage the country.  We’ve seen what Obama’s programs are and they would be a freak’n disaster if they passed.  Obama has pretty much failed to bring that about, the more time passes the less likely they will pass, and now the economy is starting to pick up as businesses start to see a glimmer of light in the dark storm clouds of socialism.

Good call Rush.

Zerobama forever

He accomplished nothing as a community organizer, by his own admission.

He got into Hah’vahd by virtue (if you want to call it that) of affirmative action.

He taught constitutional law, but proves pretty much daily that he knows nothing about it.  It doesn’t speak highly of the University of Chicago that students had to pay money to have this constitutional know nothing talk at them.

He accomplished nothing as a state senator.

He accomplished nothing as a US senator.

And he was affirmative actioned into the White House by a liberal press corps that was blinded by the idea of the First Black President.

His sole aptitude is the ability to manipulate a political machine in order to accumulate personal power.  Once he has that power, he can do nothing with it because he is otherwise totally bereft of talent.  Bowling isn’t the only thing he sucks at.

Now, the best we can hope for is that as Teleprompter Reader Of The United States, he continue his stellar record of consistency with with regard to his list of accomplishments before he does irreparable damage to the country.

That means he’s a shoo in for the next Secretary-General of the United Nations!  A position as head of a world body larger than the United States with absolutely zero record of success.  PERFECT!

Now if we can just convince him to do like he did during his vast senatorial career and quit before it’s a third over to assume a more important position.

The hyper-racial president

For all you people who are shocked…SHOCKED, mind you…about The One’s response to his friend Henry “Skip past the law” Gates’ arrest.  Remember that this is the same guy (Obama that is) who sat in the pews at Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years wallowing in racist bigotry.

Fun fact:  Obama did not express an off the cuff knee jerk reaction to the question.  The question was a plant (of course).  The answer was prepared.

He is so blinded by his Jeremiah Wright racist indoctronation, he thought calling the police stupid would win him points.  That fits in with his Saul Alinsky school of politics and Groucho Karl Marx school of economics.

Fun fact:  In addition to being a racist hate-monger, Gates is a tax cheat.  Obama friend…tax cheat.  Talk about stereotyping.

Of course that fits in with the waving the Harvard ID to prove not that it was his house but that he was above repute and it was an affront to even ask him a question.  (Joe the Plumber may be able to fill in some details about how that goes with The One)  If he wants to break into a house, what business is that of the police?  He’s a Harvard professor.  He wants to cheat on his taxes, what business is that of the tax paying public?  He’s a Harvard professor.  What is it about these self-congratulatory academics?  Those who can, do…and those who can’t assume their better than those who do?

And before we leave the subject, let’s remember that Our Dear Leader was also an academic.  That may explain a lot.

Peas in a pod.  Birds of a feather.  Let’s see…it’s Tuesday.  What’s Obama going to step in today?

I bet that’s not the answer they wanted to give

A poll of what people think would be a good future career for Sarah Palin came up with a plurality that think she should be a homemaker.  Since the 32% who answered homemaker pretty much tracks the number of people who are strongly opposed to her, my guess is that those 32% said homemaker because corpse wasn’t an option.

Eighteen percent of Republicans said homemaker?  Those would be the one’s who worked on the McCain campaign.

For the record, she is already a homemaker.  Raised or raising five kids if I recall.

I predict the homemaker predictors will be disappointed.

Want another prediction?  She won’t run against Obama in ’12.  Make of that what you will.


I am so vindicated (updated)

The Know-Nothing-In-Chief.  I was there almost half a year ago.  Nice the rest of the blogosphere is finally catching up.

There’s no evidence Obama has even a sketchy grasp of economics.”  Oh, duh.

There’s no evidence Obama has even a sketchy grasp of: diplomacy, history, national defense, common law, constitutional law (even though he supposedly taught it), healthcare, or basic human decency.

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took
But I do know that I love me
And I know that if you love me, see...
What a wonderful world this would be

St. Louis Tea Party site update

To my ever so reliable two or three readers…it looks like the St. Louis Tea Party site has evolved.  Much improved over just a few weeks ago.  Calendar of upcoming events and everything.  Recent events and everything.