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They’re not illegal immigrants

They’re colonists.

People come in to the United States from all over the world and sneak in or overstay their visas or by some other miscreant behavior become illegal aliens here.  When they run afoul of the authorities, they get deported.  Sometimes they don’t run afoul of the authorities and just stay.  In small numbers, this poses no threat and is just one of those things countries have to deal with in order to preserve their sovereignty.

The problem is people coming here in great numbers not to become Americans, but to establish colonies of their homelands here.  This is not the same thing as Italian or Polish ghettos of the past.  The Italians and Poles and Germans and Japanese came to the United States to become Americans.  It worked out to be more convenient and comfortable to move into ethnic communities because of language and culture and hence, the ghettos were formed.

But the mass migration today is not people who want to be Americans.  There are active campaigns to take the Southwest and join it to Mexico.  No Italian immigrant ever talked about making Little Italy in any city part of Italy itself.

The fact that these people are just coming here to make  a living does not change the fact that they are establishing colonies in the US.  The Conquistadors were not colonists.  They were soldiers and adventurers.  The colonists came after them.  The colonists were the farmers and miners and merchants and wives and kids who identified with and for a long time remained loyal to Spain.  It was the colonists who ultimately destroyed the Aztecs.  Likewise it was the farmers and ranchers who destroyed the American Indian nations.  The America that the farmers and ranchers broke away from Europe was not the country of the Indians.

Colonization is ultimately a test of a culture’s viability and rigor.  Energetic societies expand into other societies.  Passive cultures get occupied.  A society that allows or cannot stop colonization by other cultures will be Darwined out of existence.  The American Indians could not stop the European colonials and later could not stop the westward expansion of the United States.  Now their cultures are just entertaining museum pieces dependent the largess of their conquerors.  The Roman Empire was born of Roman colonists moving into other countries, and died when they could not stop the empire from being colonized by others.  The Western Tradition is under serious threat from colonization by multiple outside cultures.   The countries that survive will be the ones that say, “Our country, our culture and our traditions are worth saving.”  Otherwise, it’s to the ash heap of history along side the Aztecs, Incans, Hawaiians and Romans.



‘nuf said.

OK.  Not ‘nuf said.  What are the chances that the introduction of new taxes will result in a reduction of the deficits?  Based on 220 years of historical records…zero.

Mo-o-o-o-o-re change

Had complaints about the other format being too hard to read.  Here, try this.

Tax Day Tea Party in Clayton, MO – update II

There is a Tea Party planned for Washington, MO that I was going to go to.  But now I see that Gateway Pundit is planning one in Clayton.  Washington, MO is an hour out of St. Louis.  Clayton is the county seat for St. Louis County.  That will be the bigger crowed.  I’ll aim for that one.

6:30 in the evening, Thursday, April 15, 2010.

Unfortunately, parking is no better in Clayton than it was for the Keiner Plaza Tax Day protest last year in downtown St. Louis.  Carpool for efficiency and self-defense.  Assume the leftist thugs will be out.  This is the Obama Thugocracy, after all.

update:  Trying on a new sign for the Tax Day Protest.  Wadda ya’ think?

And then there’s this one.

I have a suggestion

Make the United States…the feds and all subordinate governmental entities, have to use the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) that private companies have to abide by.  No more of the Enron’ish “off budget” non-accounting.  I want the career political whores to have to face the music on the $50+ Trillion unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that they have created.  Let’s expand Sarbanes-Oxley to the government.  Let’s make the congresscritters and president criminally liable for false accounting.

Technically, the United States is already bankrupt but they hide it behind their Enron accounting.  Nice going Washington!  You should all be in jail.

RNC Chairman issues

Lot’s of noise about Micheal Steele lately.  Actually, there’s been lots of noise about Steele since he became party chairman.  Way too much about Steele.  Way too little about the Party or the platform.  Not a good thing.

Let’s remember something about the right honorable chairman.  He rose to national attention through a failed shot at the Lt Governorship of Maryland.  Most of the attention he got was due to the abuse, often racial abuse, heaped on him during his failed campaign.  He’s never held a significant office.  He became chairman because he was a victim.

Looks like he has the same qualification for his job as Obama had…

…an empty suit full of himself.

The result is the DNC is out raising the RNC.  This may not mean that the Republicans aren’t making more money.  Someone needs to add up all the donations to individual candidates as well as national committees to see the real score.  But money bypassing the national committee means it is becoming irrelevant.  And if Steele’s maladministration is causing that, then he is the antithesis of what the chairman should be.

A Comment!

Christianliberal was kind enough to add a comment to my old Tea Party Patriots post.  Since it may not be read where it is, I’ll move the thread here.

The Tea Party Movement: Strong arm (popular support), mighty bow (taxation without representation issue), but poor aim (liberals).
The real problem is the link between the very wealthy, and the legislators who protect corporate interests. Break that link and the abuse of the middle class ends.

My reply:

Not the very wealthy. It’s the link to the very powerful, be they corporations, unions, NGOs, political parties, whatever. Card Check, aka the enslavement of all workers to the labor mafias, has absolutely nothing to do with protecting corporate interests.  Cap and Trade has absolutely nothing to do with protecting corporate interests.

Castigating the wealthy is the feed corn of the socialists. With it, they raise a crop of class hatred which feeds their insatiable quest for power. The class hatred as Marx would say, is the opiate of the people, distracting and entertaining them while the socialists accumulate ever more power.

The target has to be the concentration of power. Fascism is the concentration of power in a cabal of Big Corporations, Big Unions and Autocratic Government. Mussolini would have looked on approvingly at what the Obamacrats are doing. And Obama would bask proud in his praise. The accumulation of power in the government, which is necessary before they can bind the corporate and union interests to them, is what the Constitution was supposed to prevent. But the Writers didn’t predict all three branches of government cooperating in the acquisition of power, rather than working to limit each other as was planned.

Ultimately, the final enforcer of the Constitution is not the government but the People themselves. And therefore, we have the Tea Party.

It’s the Primaries, Stupid!

The big Tea Party sites like pjtv are starting to push the “VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!” mantra.  Unfortunately, if we wait until November, we will already have lost.  Most of the battles to save the Republic from the clutches of the Federal Empire will not be in November.  They will be the primaries.  Because how can you vote out a political machine, Democrat-Lite RINO Republican except to vote IN an almost indistinguishable political machine, Democrat-Heavy Socialist Democrat, or vice versa?

Real change will occur in the primaries.  The Republican Party can only be brought back from the corrupt political Democrat Wanna-be path to the limited government fiscal conservative Emancipation Party path in the primaries.  Third party Tea Partiers running in November will simply put more Democrats back in office.

Turn out for primaries tends to be pathetic compared to even poorly attended general elections.  Normally, only the hardest core partisans march to the poll for primaries to vote in their political machine candidate.  A large turn out of Tea Partiers in August, or whenever the primary is held, voting in both parties can break the lock the professional politicians have held for far too long.

November will be at best a Pyrrhic Victory unless it is preceded by victories in the primaries.  The engagement has to be to get involved ALL THE TIME.  Every election that gets ignored puts machine politicians in office.

The next door town of Overland, MO. made national news because they elect their mayor in April.  A few years back, less than 10% of the electorate turned out for the mayoral election and the result was the Administration of Mayor Ann Purzner who was eventually removed from office in a recall election.  When I would drive by the Overland City Hall on city council meeting days and see the army of citizens filling the sidewalks on both sides of the street protesting her reign, I would think, “if they had bothered to vote, they probably would have saved themselves the trouble of being outraged.”

The Tea Partiers need to be as engaged in the primaries as the general election or we will have to suffer another two years of racing towards socialist oblivion.

Repeal the 111th Congress

Usually, the Republicans have to gain the majority before they start acting like sinecured, Big Government Democrat-Lites.  Bob Corker shows that it’s never too early.



My platform is to repeal the entire 111th Congress.  All of it.  Ever bill.  Every Resolution.  Everything.  Drop the entire 111th Congress into the historical memory hole.  I don’t care if something they did might have actually done some good.  It can be repassed by a legitimate Congress.  Do a rectal exam of everything that sucked the Eagles teat for political baksheesh and get the money back.  Got a bailout.  Bend over.  Think $787 Billion was a stimulus?  See if this tickles.

Audit the Fed.  Audit the Treasury.  Audit the Democrats on general principles, because we know they have none.  Attach an FBI agent to every Chicago pol because we know they’re all crooks.  This rot came out of Chicago.  And yes, I do blame them.

Build an apartment for each of the Emperor’s Viceroys in Congressional hearing rooms…with bars. (not wet ones, unless they like licking steel)  and start the Inquisitions.  They’re all crooks and traitors.  Find out what they did with the Constitution.  If they are in hearings every day, they won’t be able to do any more harm to the country.