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New Look

I used to say “Change is good.”  Then paraphrasing an advertisement for air handling equipment, it became “Change is easy.  Change for the better is hard.”  As with most things the Obamamidas touches, the word ‘change’ may be permanently tainted, like what the Nazis did to the swastika, which used to be a Teutonic sign of good luck*.  By the time Obama leave office, people breaking a dollar will ask “Say, could you give me some coins?” because people won’t ask for ‘change’ in polite company.

That said, I’ve changed the look of the web site.  Why?  It wasn’t because I was hoping for anything different.  Like readers.

Hope and Change.  The Age Old cry of the clueless.

* I was staying at my grandmother’s house many moons ago.  As I was waking up, I was looking at the quilt that was laying on the bed and realized that it was covered with tiny little swastikas (she was of German stock).  The quilt probably dated back to the ’20s, pre-Nationalist Socialist.  When it was made, it was the equivalent of a quilt covered with little four leaf clovers.

The problem with historical analogies

The Rise of the Federal Empire will undoubtedly be followed at some point by the Fall of the Federal Empire as happened throughout history.

The problem is the fall is rarely neat.

The fall of the Roman Empire was not followed by the re-establishment of the Roman Republic.  It was followed by the Dark Ages.  For a thousand years, Europe wallowed in feudal despotism.

And that is what the Democrats are hoping for.  The power of the State turns every institution and individual into pathetic shells sucking at the Eagle’s teat for sustenance.  Removal of the Central Power will lead to a power vacuum the pathetic shells are incapable of filling.  Individuals dependent on government largess don’t know how to take care of basic needs.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at all the wonderful communities the Democrat’s Great Society established and are forever waiting for the next handout of other people’s money.

The Rise of the Federal Empire

Historically, empires were created by acquiring control over territory.  The Democrats have now created an empire based on acquiring control over institutions.  But the goal is the same.


All consuming all encompassing power so that those in power can wield it without regard of consequences because they have anointed themselves The Chosen Ones.  Privileged by their own self-described superior intellect and moral character to rule all the little people.

First the financial industry.  Then the auto industry.  Obamacare is about conquering the entire medical industry.  Nationalization of the student loans industry and will give them dominance over all colleges and universities that depend on those loans.  There is movement to confiscate people’s 401-k savings accounts.  Dare I even mention Cap-and-Trade?

This has been growing for a long time with more and more little encroachments by the federal government into pretty much everything.  The Democrats have now thrown caution to the wind.  The are gunning to conquer everything.  They are on the road to dominate and control virtually every facet of everybody’s lives.

Into their laws they pour their cruelty, their malice, and their desire to rule all life in this country until the end of the world.

We need to form a salt free posse

They should follow this moron around and grab food out of his mouth if it contains salt.  Any salt.  The benefits of putting this moron on a salt free diet?  He’ll die.  What screaming retard doesn’t know that salt is essential to life? That’s why you can bait animals with salt licks.  And apparently you can bait a legislator into proposing legislation to make slaves of us all with a stupid science free food fad.

Idiot.  Think he’s going to get another term?

These people are immune to sarcasm

The Swedish Alfred Nobel Yassar Arafat Prize Committee reports that they have received a record number of nominations for their “prestigious” award since it was issued to Barack Obama in recognition of his sheer Awsomeness, but no real accomplishments, after ten days in office.  Apparently in Swedish, Fido is something besides a dog’s name.

As I’ve said before, the best thing the Peace Laughingstock Prize Committee could do for the world is disband and spare us their utter inanity.

Let me try to work up some shock

via Ace.

Is Obama a legal phony?

Well, duh.

Oh, wait. Let me put on my shocked face.

What Obama is is a consummate con man.  But the con doesn’t work in the light of day.  Con men have to have secrecy to set up their cons.  They need to show up, impress the rubes, and disappear until the next performance.  The need to seed the mine with gold dust.  They need to cook up false images of success.  They need time for the rubes to forget.  The White House does not provide that secrecy.  He is in the public eye every day and every discrepancy between the con and the reality is there for the World to see.  His PR people try to concoct images of success, but they conflict so glaringly with the unmistakable reality of failure.  He can’t hide.

He presents himself as a blank slate that others can imprint in their own image.  He does nothing.  He knows nothing.  In very serious personality characteristics, he is nothing.  There is no conscience.  There is no truth but His.  There is no one but Him.

That he was a fraud as a “legal scholar” is totally unsurprising to anyone who actually listens to him speak.  What was the give away?  A “Constitutional Law Professor” who knows nothing about the Constitution?

Con’s up Barry.