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Did ya’ ever notice…

…that the more the Democrats claim to want to wean us from our dependence on foreign oil, the more dependent we become on foreign oil?


It’s not enough…

It’s not enough to allow yourself to be dragged along by the “Progressive”* agenda.

A co-worker once told me that if I didn’t believe in Social Security and Medicare, I shouldn’t accept the benefits when the time comes around.  It is an attitude that perfectly illustrates the mindset of liberals.  It’s not sufficient that I have been robbed by the government at the point of a gun (the coercive aspect of any government mandate) for my entire life to pay for their empty Utopian promises.  I have to sell my soul to their cause before I ‘qualify’ to get back what was stolen from me.

Now just on the off chance that somebody besides my faithful reader wanders by and sees this, let me explain how federal “entitlement” programs work…specifically Social Security for simplicity’s sake.

The government steals money from workers based on their income up to a certain level.  This is the FICA on your pay stub.  They take this money and give it to current recipients.  Note that none of it is ‘invested’.  It is a transfer payment from payer to recipient.  The payer is promised a future free from want.  The current recipient is told that this is the fruits of their earlier contributions (which of course were actually paid to past recipients) even if the current recipient never paid a FICA in their life.  Now if you as a private individual go out and create an ‘investment’ scheme whereby people are paid benefits by getting more people to pay into the scheme, the government will find you guilty of running a pyramid racket and send you to jail.  However, the government committing exactly the same crime is called “Progressive”.

Now, as it happened, for the longest time the government was actually stealing more money than it was paying out to current recipients.  If there is something that no self respecting political whore is going to do, it’s leave other people’s money unspent.  So Congress ‘borrowed’ the Social Security surplus and spent it on vital public services like the Lawrence Welk Birthplace museum in Strasburg, North Dakota, or studies into the mating practices of homosexual Amazonian indians (you think I’m kidding?).  In return, the Social Security system received bearer bonds. (actual paper bonds stored in a building in Ohio.)  This is the so called Social Security trust fund.  It is a debt owed by a bankrupt government already running $2Trillion deficits.

So there you have it kiddies.  I am a bad person for pointing out the fact that the “Progressives” have created the largest most corrupt swindle in the history of the known Universe.  I have a better idea for the so called “Progressives”.  Instead of qualifying by selling your soul and endorsing this abomination, how about basing qualification by being dragged into this swamp kicking and screaming.  The people who didn’t want this and didn’t believe the Utopian pipe dreams of the “Progressives” get to recoup what was stolen from them and the “Progressives” who are responsible for created and perpetuating it pass on their benefits because they really believe in giving to others.  Go ahead.  Show us your moral superiority.

If “Don’t get cocky, kid”…

…from the good Professor Reynolds doesn’t instill an air of caution then take it this way.  If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.  So the Party of Slavery doesn’t need to be defeated.  It needs to be crushed.  Sort of like debates they had in the Pentagon in the ’50s about whether the Soviet Union should be nuked to gravel or pulverized to sand.  Overkill is a quaint term and we shouldn’t let it stay our hand.  The Demoncratic Party has done more harm to the United States in the past four years than the Soviet Union’s political shenanigans did in forty.  They should be rewarded accordingly.  The Democratic Party needs to be driven down to the minor leagues with the Libertarians, Socialist Workers Party, et al.

If that doesn’t get the troops energized I’m not sure what will.

The politics of…

…political celebritys’ children on TV.  This of course would be in reference to Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol being on Dances With The Stars.  I’ve been watching (wife’s hooked on the show) to see how the audience and public reacts.  Actually, I’m happy to say it has been completely above board.  Maybe there’s hope for humanity, yet.  But ABC did have to bend over and do somersaults to prove that booing that occurred just as Sarah Palin was being interviewed was actually a response to the judging and not the interviewee.

And as a side note, Bristol seems to be developing quickly (yeah, we voted for her) given that fact that every other competitor has a lifetime of experience performing in front of crowds and cameras, some of them as professional dancers.

Now the question becomes, does Sarah Palin benefit if Bristol performs well?  I’m reasonably sure Bristol will not win the big prize.  The winners are usually lithe muscular usually ex-professional dancers and Bristol has a bit of motherliness about her (not lithe).  But much of the antipathy towards Palin [sr] is the meme pushed by the left about her lack of ‘sophistication’ if you will.  The Wassilla Hillbillies.  If Bristol does well (gets into the final half of the competition or even the finals) on the liberal’s home turf (Hollywood glitz) will this improve the negatives Sarah carries?

To find out, vote for Bristol at 800-868-4307 right after the show and tell ’em, I sent ya’.

PS:  and Michael Bolton’s performance last Monday was the most painful performance I’ve ever witnessed on a stage before.

Can I call ’em or what

Victor Davis Hansen at PajamasMedia has a wonderful compilation of the failings of the Obama administration.   When pointing out these failings to still or former HopeyChange sorts, I am often faced with the retort, “But you never liked him.” which somehow is supposed to make my prescience less, well, prescient.  Yes Virginia, I never liked him.  I never pretended to see something that wasn’t there.  I witnessed the vaporous life story, non-existent resume, empty rhetoric and ugly personal attitude and correctly surmised that this would be a really long four years.


The only fair thing to do is to have Obama go down in history as the only president (so far) successfully thrown out of office.  Not just to protect the country from his boundless incompetence, but as a lesson to other charismatic charlatans who would pretend to be be able to fill the office based solely on their unmitigated delusions of grandeur, sense of entitlement and gall.

Because I never figured the milquetoast Republicans would have the stomach for it, I figured it would have to be the Democrats who would impeach him, basically in self-defense before the mid-terms.  Unfortunately, they didn’t take my advice and the day of reckoning for that mistake rapidly approaches.  Fortunately, the Republican Party may, as Vice President Joe “Court Jester” Biden said, not be your grandfather’s Republican Party.  I don’t think the conservative “Tea Party” firebrands are coming to Washington to bow and scrape before the liberal elite, the Democratic mouthpieces of the press, or intend to apologize for having been right (sure, take that as a pun if you want) all along.

So I’m still all HopeyChangy that the biggest ego in the country get run out of town in the most ignominious way.  We’ll just have to see if the remnants of the Democrats in Congress figure out that he needs to go before he reduces the Democrats to a minor regional party.

It’s the intimidation, stupid

Been following the “New Black Panther Party voter intimidation suit rejection case”…no wonder nobody knows about it.  It’s a mouthful.

The defenders of the NBPP thugs have used, “Have any white voters come forward complaining about being intimidated?”  Because, of course, the issue isn’t voter intimidation.  It’s all about ‘race relations’.  Apparently, to the infinitely wise leftist/liberals, voter intimidation is fine as long as it doesn’t involve whites intimidating blacks.

I have described the so called ‘Civil Rights Acts’ (the actual civil rights act, the voting rights act, and a slough of others) as apartheid laws.  Because what the good Party of Slavery Democrats did was institutionalize the very racism they claimed to be fighting by dividing the American People into mutually opposing groups so they could play their identity politics with them.  Rather than protecting human rights, what they were really pursuing was revenge against whitey.  Not reverse discrimination.  The enforcement of rules prefering one group over another.

The real issue should be “There was voter intimidation.”  Not white on black.  Not black on white.  It is equally wrong if the NBPP thugs were threatening blacks to stay on the Democratic Party plantation, or skinheads threatening whites not to ‘betray their race’ (whatever that means).  Voters, the sovereigns of the land, where being interfered with while engaging in their civic duty.  THAT was the crime irregardless of their race.  Or it should be.  Can you imagine a Democrat taking that stand?

Is Reid Senile?

Listening to his bizarre pronouncements in the last few days should be raising questions about his capacity and competence. On the other hand, it may just be the pressure getting to him.

Did you ever stop and think that maybe he wasn’t that smart?

Saul Alinsky that is.

Everybody loves to quote from the Rules for Radicals that he authored.  The Democrats in general and Obama in particular love to practice the Rules that he authored.

But where is the evidence, the record of success, that demonstrates that those rules were the least bit effective?  The Alinsky lead rebellions of the ’60s lead to the malaise of the ’70s and Conservative Revival of the ’80s.  I’m not seeing the success here.

Obama is about to hang up his umpteenth strawman to excoriate even though every other target of he “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.” rule has benefited from the attention.

So maybe the Rules for Radicals isn’t the revolutionary panacea it proponents and quoters believe.  Maybe Alinsky wasn’t all that smart, just mean and vindictive.  And of course, who’s stupider: the person who dreams up useless rules, or the fool who follows them blindly?

Speaking of occult religions

Big stink about O’Donnell “practicing witchcraft” (aka: hanging out with the weird kids) in high school.

Has anybody mentioned that her opponent Coons is a current believer in the Voodoo economics of the Left?

Thought not.

Look For The Union label

Do labor unions meet the biological definition of a parasite in the social organism?

para·site (parə sīt′)

3.  [A] plant or animal that lives on or in an organism of another species from which it derives sustenance or protection without benefit to, and usually with harmful effects on, the host.*

As has been seen, the harmful effects have proven deadly to many industries.  The common wisdom was that government would be carriers but otherwise immune to their deleterious effects.  Apparently that wisdom is wrong as we see governments going bankrupt around the world under the weight of the union infestations.